March 26, 2016

What Happened In Brussels Belgium

Brussels Belgium has been a terrorist breeding ground for years. I am saddened, frustrated, and loath the naivety and lack of fortitude by the leadership of this world. I am grateful my best friends are no longer stationed in Belgium. Europe is not what I remember it to be. These terrorists need to be taken out once and for all. I have no freaking clue what our POTUS is doing in Cuba or Argentina. WTF!??

March 19, 2016

Anti-Trump Thug Protesters Blocking Freeways

I noticed a few news stories today about people protesting Donald Trump by blocking the freeways to keep people from attending his campaign rallies. Seriously, what the heck!? Who do they think they are!? This is the United States of America and if someone wants to go to a Donald Trump rally – SO WHAT! You don’t have the right to block the road.

The Chicago protesters are just as ridiculous! By the way, I think Donald Trump made the right decision to go ahead and cancel that rally. That probably would have turned pretty violent because people are that stupid.

At least Donald Trump listens to local law enforcement and the secret service when they advise him of possible threats.

Today in Arizona Anti-Trump thug protesters stopped cars and pickup trucks in an attempt to keep people from going to see Donald Trump speak. These protest thugs used their trucks to block the freeway. The traffic was backed up for miles.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio didn’t waste any time arresting these jerks and having their vehicles towed.

Good Job, Sheriff Joe!

March 17, 2016

My Friend Gayla was on Fox Business Channel

Remember two days ago when I told you my friend Gayla was on Fox & Friends? Well, they liked her so much they asked her to come back on the Fox Business Channel.

This is the part I missed yesterday with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Once again, I could not be prouder of my friend for having the guts to get on national T.V. and speak her mind. I respect her reasons for wanting to vote for Donald Trump. A LOT of generational Democrats are coming out and voting for the people the Republican and Democrat Establishments are against. These political establishments cannot stand Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

What does THAT tell you!??

BRAVO, Gayla!

H/T: Gayla Baer-Taylor on Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton and Sheriff Joe Arpaio

March 15, 2016

My Friend Gayla was on Fox & Friends

So proud of my good friend Gayla for getting on national television and speaking her mind! This is the full and complete interview from this morning's Fox & Friends program. Gayla has been a democrat her whole life and has decided to help the world understand why today's Democrats are not the same Democrats of her Grandfather's generation.

Take a minute to listen to what she has to say because I know for a fact that she is not alone. And people wonder why hundreds and thousands flock to hear Donald Trump speak. You'll want to head on over to Gayla's blog 'Not Before Coffee' because she has a lot to say about this election.

Fox & Friends probably could of had her on their show as a guest for at least an hour...that snippet just wasn't long enough. She represents tons of Democrats who have seen this administration in action for eight long years and have had just about enough! To be honest, I'm not sure Fox & Friends could handle my friend Gayla! But, they sure would get a kick out of her, she is THAT delightful!

There used to be a video of Gayla on Fox and Friends but YouTube decided to take it down. Gee, I wonder why!?

March 10, 2016

Obama Attending SXSW

I heard through the grapevine that Barack Obama wasn’t going to attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral. Then I read somewhere he was planning to hang out in Austin for the South by Southwest Music Festival. Is this a joke?

He’s the President of the United States of America – is he nuts? How safe is that going to be and what will security checks be like during that time? Traffic in Austin is already pretty bad, can you imagine what his security detail will look like on the road?

I’m a little disappointed, there ought to be some etiquette and standards for what current Presidents do when heads of state or the wives of heads of state pass away. You would think etiquette would dictate that you go and pay your respects as a representative of the American People.

Between his golf outings and now his SXSW appearances, I’m a little disappointed that he’s not handling himself accordingly.

March 6, 2016

RIP Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan passed away today.
I will never forget her 'Just Say No' Campaign.
She was an outstanding human being. 

March 4, 2016

Donald Trump may win this – then what!?

I almost never watch MSNBC but today I decided to change the channel to see what they are saying. MSNBC is super confused as are CNN, FOX NEWS, etc. The democratic/liberal base forgot how truly disgusting they can be from chanting evil words inside of the Texas State Capitol at a pro-life rally, to booing God at the Democratic National Convention right before Timothy Cardinal Dolan offered up the prayer, to associations with the likes of “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, as well as Bill Ayers the founder of the Weather Underground. While I do not approve of Donald Trump, I do understand the anger of this country.

For eight years we’ve had a President who promised to unite the country, Instead, I’ve seen people make excuses left and right while the likes of Al Sharpton and “Reverend” Jesse Jackson cash in on stirring the pot which ultimately keeps racial tension alive. Can you imagine how many African Americans feel when they have achieved something but then have to wonder if they received accolades because of their hard work or the color of their skin!? What happened to the content of character?

Last summer I thought Donald Trump could possibly take it all the way. I truly thought I liked him and that he was refreshing for a change. (Pinch me!) But then as the months went on he began to say and do things that left me scratching my head because at the end of the day character really does matter. This nation’s Democratic base has no right to brag! The Democratic base likes to look the other way too. Which is why so many of my Democratic Friends are coming out to support Donald Trump. They are thoughtfully considering voting for the GOP Nomination whomever that may be.

Again, Character matters! Which brings me to my dilemma…I personally cannot have four more years of the Obama Administration’s failed leadership. Right now I’m supporting Ted Cruz. If Rubio and Kasich would drop out of the race, Ted Cruz could beat Donald Trump. You’ve seen how ticked off the nation is – that tells me the GOP winner will beat Hillary Clinton (if she doesn’t wind up in prison) or Bernie Sanders. I can see myself voting for Ted Cruz in the general election. If Donald Trump wins the nomination do I vote for a write-in or do I support the GOP winner no matter what? This is the first time I have considered not voting, but at the same time if I don’t vote then that’s a guaranteed four more years of more failed policies. (And y’all know I want to maintain my right to complain!)

I do NOT want that lady who has blood on her hands, who is playing dumb about national security matters, who is married to the guy that made a mockery of the stain on that blue dress running this nation! For eight years democrats have looked the other way on so much! I can’t.

March 2, 2016

An Open Letter to Trump Supporters by Ben Sasse

America is the most exceptional nation in the history of the world because our Constitution is the best political document that’s ever been written. It said something different than almost any other government had said before: Most governments before said that might makes right, that government decides what our rights are and that the people are just dependent subjects. Our Founders said that God gives us rights by nature, and that government is not the author or source of our rights. Government is just our shared project to secure those rights.
Government exists only because the world is fallen, and some people want to take your property, your liberty, and your life. Government is tasked with securing a framework for ordered liberty where “we the people” can in our communities voluntarily build something great together for our kids and grandkids. That’s America. Freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of association, freedom of speech – the First Amendment is the heartbeat of the American Constitution, of the American idea itself.
So let me ask you: Do you believe the beating heart of Mr. Trump’s candidacy has been a defense of the Constitution? Do you believe it’s been an impassioned defense of the First Amendment – or an attack on it?
Which of the following quotes give you great comfort that he’s in love with the First Amendment, that he is committed to defending the Constitution, that he believes in executive restraint, that he understands servant leadership?
Statements from Trump:
***“We’re going to open up libel laws and we’re going to have people sue you like you’ve never got sued before.”
***“When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. They were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak…”
***Putin, who has killed journalists and is pillaging Ukraine, is a great leader.
***The editor of National Review “should not be allowed on TV and the FCC should fine him.”
***On whether he will use executive orders to end-run Congress, as President Obama has illegally done: "I won't refuse it. I'm going to do a lot of things." “I mean, he’s led the way, to be honest with you.” 
***“Sixty-eight percent would not leave under any circumstance. I think that means murder. It think it means anything.”
***On the internet: “I would certainly be open to closing areas” of it.
***His lawyers to people selling anti-Trump t-shirts: “Mr. Trump considers this to be a very serious matter and has authorized our legal team to take all necessary and appropriate actions to bring an immediate halt...”
***Similar threatening legal letters to competing campaigns running ads about his record.
And on it goes…
Given what we know about him today, here’s where I’m at: If Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee, my expectation is that I will look for some third candidate – a conservative option, a Constitutionalist.
I do not claim to speak for a movement, but I suspect I am far from alone. After listening to Nebraskans in recent weeks, and talking to a great many people who take oaths seriously, I think many are in the same place. I believe a sizable share of Christians – who regard threats against religious liberty as arguably the greatest crisis of our time – are unwilling to support any candidate who does not make a full-throated defense of the First Amendment a first commitment of their candidacy.
Conservatives understand that all men are created equal and made in the image of God, but also that government must be limited so that fallen men do not wield too much power. A presidential candidate who boasts about what he'll do during his "reign" and refuses to condemn the KKK cannot lead a conservative movement in America.
Thank you for listening. While I recognize that we disagree about how to make America great again, we agree that this should be our goal. We need more people engaged in the civic life of our country—not fewer. I genuinely appreciate how much many of you care about this country, and that you are demanding something different from Washington. I’m going to keep doing the same thing.
But I can’t support Donald Trump.
Ben Sasse
You can find this letter on Ben Sasse's Facebook page. You can also find and follow Ben Sasse on Twitter: Ben Sasse and Senator Ben Sasse. What do you think of Ben's open letter to Trump Supporters?