August 12, 2016

Hillary just wants to give everyone the same chance to be successful

Keep in mind, I used to be one who believed that statement. I used to be one who believed everyone deserves the same opportunities and that the government should do their part to make that happen. During my time as a Democrat, I really believed that socialism wasn’t about “giving” everyone the same thing, it’s giving everyone the same chance to be successful.
Now, just for a minute, think about that statement. Repeat it a couple of times to yourself, let it sink in real good.

Got it?


Now, what I have come to realize over the last year, throughout my personal healing from my old beliefs is – that just does NOT make sense. Here’s why…

First of all, free market capitalism IS what made America the greatest country in the world. So IF socialism IS “giving everyone the same chance to be successful”, why then is our “elite establishment” government doing everything humanly possible to place caps on just how successful you can be?
Again, take a minute, think about that second statement. Repeat it a couple of times to yourself, let it sink in real good and see if everything doesn’t become much more clear to you like it has for me.

Watch our politicians closely. Listen carefully to what they say – listen for all the little financial motivations that drive them toward running our lives, stealing our ambition and taking our hard earned money to line their pockets by calling it equality, sharing the wealth, corporate tax or whatever the hell they try to mask it with to make it sound like they are doing it FOR YOU.

What will become of us, as a nation, as a workforce, as students if our government gains so much control that it is no longer beneficial to work hard and be as successful as we can possibly be?

A Government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything you have. ~ Ronald Reagan
Take 5 minutes to watch this video – it’s both entertaining and educational. It explains everything in very elementary terms so anyone and everyone can understand more why our government should only protect our rights, not control how successful we can be.

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