July 24, 2016

Donald Trump is the Republican Choice

This has been a crazy political year and it’s not even close to being over. The Republican National Convention just wrapped up and the Democratic National Convention is about to begin.

I have been all over the place about what to do with my vote. During the primaries I had some definite ideas about who I was going to support and then he decided to quit a few days before the primaries here in Nebraska.

I sucked it up and voted for Ted Cruz anyway thinking that he would stick it out and fight to beat Donald Trump. Plus, his name was still on the ballot!

I had a conversation with a friend recently and she said, “You know…Donald Trump is a racist.” Telling me Donald Trump is racist isn’t going to convince me that he is because to be honest, I don’t know for a fact that Donald Trump is racist.

On another friend’s facebook page, an educator no less, there was a Donald Trump Meme floating around about how Donald Trump Voters are equal to the KKK. Seriously, do you know how disappointed I was to see that? I had to unfollow this individual.

I also unfollowed people who make everything about race. They are race baiters. Race baiting doesn’t solve anything. If the posts I see are contrary to anything Dr. Martin King Jr. would have endorsed then I unfollow you. Sorry/Not Sorry.

Then there are the people I was on the same page with 8 years ago. They are all divided all sorts of ways, and they are hating on each other. It’s sad!

What it all boils down to is people not getting along with one another because they don’t all agree about what should happen in November.

I think Mike Pence is a good choice for Vice President and I do like Donald Trump’s children very much. They are dynamic speakers and I believe them to be sincere when they speak about their father.

For those of you who know me well, you already know I’m NOT going to vote for Hillary Clinton. There is no way, no how, and no amount of convincing to make me believe that she is not crooked. Her record is deplorable and there is no way I want a criminal to continue on with this administration’s shenanigans. No way!

I’m not going to vote 3rd party as they do not work! I know many people are looking at Gary Johnson. There is NO WAY I will ever vote for him or anyone that wants to run their platform on marijuana. Not gonna do it! Nope!

I'm also not going to NOT vote for the President of the United States. Refusing to vote is not an option for me and you already know I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton. So there you have it!

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