March 10, 2016

Obama Attending SXSW

I heard through the grapevine that Barack Obama wasn’t going to attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral. Then I read somewhere he was planning to hang out in Austin for the South by Southwest Music Festival. Is this a joke?

He’s the President of the United States of America – is he nuts? How safe is that going to be and what will security checks be like during that time? Traffic in Austin is already pretty bad, can you imagine what his security detail will look like on the road?

I’m a little disappointed, there ought to be some etiquette and standards for what current Presidents do when heads of state or the wives of heads of state pass away. You would think etiquette would dictate that you go and pay your respects as a representative of the American People.

Between his golf outings and now his SXSW appearances, I’m a little disappointed that he’s not handling himself accordingly.

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