March 17, 2016

My Friend Gayla was on Fox Business Channel

Remember two days ago when I told you my friend Gayla was on Fox & Friends? Well, they liked her so much they asked her to come back on the Fox Business Channel.

This is the part I missed yesterday with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Once again, I could not be prouder of my friend for having the guts to get on national T.V. and speak her mind. I respect her reasons for wanting to vote for Donald Trump. A LOT of generational Democrats are coming out and voting for the people the Republican and Democrat Establishments are against. These political establishments cannot stand Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

What does THAT tell you!??

BRAVO, Gayla!

H/T: Gayla Baer-Taylor on Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton and Sheriff Joe Arpaio


  1. Thank you! It means so much to me that we can share this passion and enjoy it (for the most part - the idiots out there make it hard sometimes). You inspired me a long time ago to speak from the heart - "until my voice shakes." Love you with all my heart and I'm glad I can make you proud. Now if we could just get our guys to team up! :)

  2. I can’t believe we are approaching October in 2016. This year has me baffled. No matter how crazy things get my eyes and ears are open! I do think it’s time Fox News to invite you back for your analysis on the state of the nation!

    1. I know, this year has just flown by! I am ready to go back anytime they invite me. I think there are lots of people like me who have seen the truth this last year. :)


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