March 4, 2016

Donald Trump may win this – then what!?

I almost never watch MSNBC but today I decided to change the channel to see what they are saying. MSNBC is super confused as are CNN, FOX NEWS, etc. The democratic/liberal base forgot how truly disgusting they can be from chanting evil words inside of the Texas State Capitol at a pro-life rally, to booing God at the Democratic National Convention right before Timothy Cardinal Dolan offered up the prayer, to associations with the likes of “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, as well as Bill Ayers the founder of the Weather Underground. While I do not approve of Donald Trump, I do understand the anger of this country.

For eight years we’ve had a President who promised to unite the country, Instead, I’ve seen people make excuses left and right while the likes of Al Sharpton and “Reverend” Jesse Jackson cash in on stirring the pot which ultimately keeps racial tension alive. Can you imagine how many African Americans feel when they have achieved something but then have to wonder if they received accolades because of their hard work or the color of their skin!? What happened to the content of character?

Last summer I thought Donald Trump could possibly take it all the way. I truly thought I liked him and that he was refreshing for a change. (Pinch me!) But then as the months went on he began to say and do things that left me scratching my head because at the end of the day character really does matter. This nation’s Democratic base has no right to brag! The Democratic base likes to look the other way too. Which is why so many of my Democratic Friends are coming out to support Donald Trump. They are thoughtfully considering voting for the GOP Nomination whomever that may be.

Again, Character matters! Which brings me to my dilemma…I personally cannot have four more years of the Obama Administration’s failed leadership. Right now I’m supporting Ted Cruz. If Rubio and Kasich would drop out of the race, Ted Cruz could beat Donald Trump. You’ve seen how ticked off the nation is – that tells me the GOP winner will beat Hillary Clinton (if she doesn’t wind up in prison) or Bernie Sanders. I can see myself voting for Ted Cruz in the general election. If Donald Trump wins the nomination do I vote for a write-in or do I support the GOP winner no matter what? This is the first time I have considered not voting, but at the same time if I don’t vote then that’s a guaranteed four more years of more failed policies. (And y’all know I want to maintain my right to complain!)

I do NOT want that lady who has blood on her hands, who is playing dumb about national security matters, who is married to the guy that made a mockery of the stain on that blue dress running this nation! For eight years democrats have looked the other way on so much! I can’t.

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