March 19, 2016

Anti-Trump Thug Protesters Blocking Freeways

I noticed a few news stories today about people protesting Donald Trump by blocking the freeways to keep people from attending his campaign rallies. Seriously, what the heck!? Who do they think they are!? This is the United States of America and if someone wants to go to a Donald Trump rally – SO WHAT! You don’t have the right to block the road.

The Chicago protesters are just as ridiculous! By the way, I think Donald Trump made the right decision to go ahead and cancel that rally. That probably would have turned pretty violent because people are that stupid.

At least Donald Trump listens to local law enforcement and the secret service when they advise him of possible threats.

Today in Arizona Anti-Trump thug protesters stopped cars and pickup trucks in an attempt to keep people from going to see Donald Trump speak. These protest thugs used their trucks to block the freeway. The traffic was backed up for miles.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio didn’t waste any time arresting these jerks and having their vehicles towed.

Good Job, Sheriff Joe!

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