May 27, 2015

Carry On, Carry On! #KerrieOn

If you're lost and alone
Or you're sinking like a stone.
Carry on.
May your past be the sound
Of your feet upon the ground.
Carry on.


May 24, 2015

Lights On for Detective Kerrie Orozco

Please pray for Officer Orozco’s Family, Omaha’s Police Department, and for Police Officers all over the country who put their lives at risk every single day in order to keep everyone safe. And while you’re at it – go ahead and pray for our Troops, Firefighters, and First Responders too.

She devoted her life to SERVING her community!!! ‪#‎SupportBlue‬ ‪#‎BlueLivesMatter‬ ‪#‎VolunteersMatter‬ ‪#‎FirstRespondersAreHeroes‬

#KerrieOn #LightsOn #Pray

May 15, 2015

Dear CHI Health

Dear CHI Health,

Please quit sending me your propaganda. You guys screwed up when you forced me to leave my specialist of 19 years. Please stop sending me the blame game postcards and the Blue Cross hate mail. It speaks VOLUMES that every other health provider in town works well with Blue Cross. It makes you look really desperate. I’m not interested in your Virtual Care, Quick Care, or your Urgent Care. So please – just STOP with all the print jobs. Save your money, you’re gonna need it when your company folds.