March 28, 2015

I’m not just a Christian, I’m a Bible-believing Christian! You can take that to the bank!

At the end of the day if anyone were to ask me to choose or attempt to force my hand on a topic – I choose Christ every time. I will choose Christ even against the Constitution of the United States of America. Why, because this place is not my home.

I find it interesting that people pick and choose various Bible verses in the attempt to try and make a point without really taking the whole Bible and applying it accurately. In order to apply Scripture accurately you would have had to read the Bible and understand the history of the people who were living in those times.

People like to throw out the phrase “Judge not, that you be not judged” but what they don’t understand is that Jesus had forbid pronouncing another person guilty before God. Jesus doesn’t forbid all evaluation or even judgment of others, for ultimately the one who feels grieved and humbled over his own sin can help remove the “speck” from others. What Jesus does rule out is pride that views oneself as better than others.

The same people that throw out the “Judge not” verse like to ignore the “Go and from now on sin no more” verse. Sin is heinous whether it takes the form of adultery, slander, abusive words in a fit of rage, jealousy, gossip, or lying (pick your sin), God doesn’t ignore it because sin harms the people He created.

If I had a shop and you came into my shop cussing me out from top to bottom I would refuse your business and ask you to leave. If I were a nurse and you asked me to perform an abortion I would have to decline your request. I don’t believe in same-sex marriage – it doesn’t make me “judgmental” in the sense that those who throw the term around like to use it – it just makes me a person who chooses not to sit on the fence concerning that particular issue.

If that makes me a bigot, or a terrorist, or an asshole – well then I guess I just have to consider the source of the person throwing those terms in my direction. It will be what it will be. My faith doesn’t end the minute I step out of bed and I am free to choose who I want to do business with as well.

Religious Freedom Law Hullabaloo

This has popped up recently as a result of all the Hullabaloo over what is happening in Indiana with the Religious Freedom Law. The bottom line for me is Religious Liberty is being attacked. Anti-Christian hatred and bigotry is at an all-time high. For once I would like to see Liberal America practice the “live and let live” idea they espouse. This Religious Freedom bill that Mike Pence signed into law in Indiana prevents people of faith from having to violate their beliefs. I like it!

Truth Teller: Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham has fired me up! After listening to her speech at the Imagine Fundraising Dinner for Assure Women’s Centers here in Omaha I decided to tune in to 1290 AM – The Mighty KOIL so I could soak up more truth!

Laura Ingraham is a spitfire! I just LOVE her! Not only is she PRO-LIFE but she is ANTI-DESTROYING YOUR BRAIN via marijuana! She was on a roll ranting and calling out all the LIES Liberals everywhere have bought into!

Laura Ingraham actually took the time to speak with law enforcement here in Omaha about the ramification of marijuana! I’m so glad to know that NEBRASKA and OKLAHOMA are suing COLORADO! Yep, marijuana IS a dangerous drug. It’s also a GATEWAY DRUG. But again, who doesn’t know that!!!

Laura Ingraham also touched on the fact that Senator Ernie Chambers hates our law enforcement in Nebraska. Ernie Chambers said, “If I had a gun I would use it on the police.” Uh – NOT COOL SENATOR CHAMBERS!!! It’s TIME for you TO GO!!! He needs to APOLOGIZE to the police. But, Ernie Chambers has refused and said he stands by his remarks.

Governor Pete Rickets was also on the show. He says if we can keep our Government growth down to 3% that will bring Nebraskans much needed TAX RELIEF!!! Hallelujah!!! FINALLY!!! Someone who GETS IT!!! He was going OFF on what the plan needs to be for Nebraska. LOVE HIM!!! He’s a smart guy who GETS IT!!! He’s right, you can’t trust the Federal Government to keep their promises. SO, so true!!!

I loved the fact that Laura Ingraham kept bringing up the ASSURE Women’s Center here in Omaha. It’s a GOOD place that offers REAL SOLUTIONS which is the opposite of what Planned Parenthood provides.

“The last thing we need is pot legalization. I want to get through the day with a clear head.” –Laura Ingraham

I may have to tune into Laura Ingraham’s radio programming more often. She has really got me fired up to start blogging again.

Nebraska is Leading the Fight Against Abortion!

I enjoyed myself at the Imagine Fundraising Dinner for Assure Women’s Center this past week. It was great to be in a room filled with people who are interested in saving lives!

Governor Kay A. Orr was there along with Laura Ingraham, and Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert.

Governor Kay Orr quoted Ephesians 3:20 of the Bible saying that with God nothing is impossible. Governor Orr said, “Never forget that God is good. Whether a task is large or small, it can be done.”

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” –Ephesians 3:20

Laura Ingraham was incredible with her speech. One thing that struck me pretty hard was when she said that we need more truth tellers in this nation. She also said we are all here for a reason. Our solemn duty is to defend life.

Imagine a world where truth is respected.

Nebraska is leading the fight against abortion compared to the rest of the nation. When I heard that it made me proud to be a Nebraskan.

Babies in the womb feel pain. TRUTH!

Choice without virtue is meaningless!

Freedom without virtue is chaos!

Can you imagine a life where people don’t have to choose death? I CAN!

Truth is a candle in the darkness. Planned Parenthood hates the truth. They know when women see an ultrasound, they see the truth.

We need more truth tellers in this country. We need more common sense, logic, and God! God has rules for a reason! Proclaiming the truth is liberating – it’s not condemning. It’s not judgmental.

We can choose life!

We can choose adoption!

How can anyone regret THAT?

Babies need to be protected! The elderly need to be protected too. We don’t get to choose when we die as it’s NOT on our time table.

God knew us before we were born!

The “right” to abort your offspring is a bold-faced LIE. Is that the kind of country worth dying for? Are the stars and stripes of our nation’s flag representative of abortion on demand? The U.S. Constitution does not protect the “right” to abort. We decide how to treat abortion. We decide how to treat abortion state-by-state.

How do we imagine a life without abortion? We speak out about it – we tell the truth about it!

Then Laura Ingraham quoted the bible in Galatians 6:9 where it says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

The fundraiser was a complete success! There are now plans to build another location so more women will have access to the following:

  • FREE Pregnancy Confirmation and Options Consultation
  • FREE Ultrasound Exams and STD Testing
  • FREE Parenting Education Programs
  • Healthy Relationship Education
  • Social Services Coordination
  • FREE Baby Boutique
  • Abortion Recovery

I’m so proud of my state and will ask you to pray for more people to change their minds about abortion.

Laura Ingraham if you are reading this – thank you for coming to my state and speaking the truth to Nebraskans.

Bravo Senator Hilkemann!

The following is a condensation of Senator Robert Hilkemann’s remarks on the floor of the legislature. He posted these remarks publicly on his facebook page and I am re-sharing what was written because I believe his message is important and more people across our nation need to understand what is going on with Senator Chambers here in Nebraska. If you are a Nebraskan then you realize how wrong it is to have someone like Senator Chambers in office.

"Senator Chambers, you have had the privilege of serving in this body 40 years. I have been here 50 days. Senator Chambers, I’ve listened to you call us bigots, “Rickett’s Cricket”, Repelican’s, and racist to name just a few. You disparage my faith and my foundational source of moral and ethical truths found in the “Bibble.” I can respect you as a man of intellect and oratorical skill, but... You have said things in this chamber that not another senator would even think to utter, nor be allowed to say, and go unchallenged or uncensored.

With you, I am concerned whenever our law enforcement professionals resort to deadly force on unarmed civilians. No one, police included, is above the law. With you, Senator Chambers, I believe that Black lives matter. But, I also believe that Blue lives matter. The vast majority of our police officers, protect us very well. These men and women are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and Native-American. Every day they put their lives on the line to protect and serve us. I cannot tolerate any language or behavior that puts those lives at risk and/or incites others to harm our police officers.

You like referring to a man of conviction, Sir Thomas More. In my office hangs a picture of William Wilberforce. It was given to me by son, whom you met at the start of this session. He wrote me a note in which he said, “One man can make a difference!” Wilberforce was a young man of privilege who was elected to the Parliament in 1784.Three years later he experienced a conversion to Christianity and went on to became the driving force over the next 26 years to end the slave trade in England in 1807. Sir Thomas More’s life is featured in one of my favorite movies, A Man for All Seasons. Wilberforce’s life is highlighted in a more recent movie, Amazing Grace.

One of our main duties as senators is to provide for the protection of the citizens of this state. How can we carry out that duty when we have a member of this body publicly espousing he would shoot the police first and ask questions later?

Thank you Mr. Speaker."

Bravo Senator Hilkemann and I could not agree with you more! Senator Ernie Chambers is a horrible race-baiting schmuck who keeps getting elected. It's time for him to GO!

H/T: Senator Robert Hilkemann

March 26, 2015

Meanwhile In Nebraska

“My ISIS is the police. Nobody from ISIS ever terrorized us as a people as the police do us daily. And they get away with it.”

– Senator Ernie Chambers

H/T: Ernie Chambers faces criticism for comparing police to ISIS

March 25, 2015

Hailed by the White House – Pathetic!

The White House traded five “high-value” terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay for Bergdahl. Today the Army says Bergdahl will be charged with desertion.

I’ve been waiting a long time for this story to reach its conclusion. Of course Bergdahl was hailed by the White House.


H/T: Bergdahl charged with desertion, could face life in prison

Indiana's got the right idea!

Indiana's got the right idea! The Indiana House voted this week to approve a religious freedom bill that would protect business owners who want to decline to provide services for same-sex marriages. After the 63 to 31 House vote in approval of the legislation, The Washington Post says Governor Mike Pence plans to sign it as soon as it lands on his desk. Thanks to those in government who are standing up for the freedom and protection of Christians to live out their faith. I hope more states will be quick to follow suit.

–Franklin Graham

Let the Games Begin!

I heard through the grapevine Ted Cruz is running for President of the United States. He’s the first person to throw his hat in the ring. I don’t have anything against Ted Cruz. It will be interesting to see how this all works out. I will say the guy has spunk! He also knows how to stand for long periods of time without taking a whiz. That’s something to think about!

March 5, 2015

Please Don't Congratulate Nebraska

Nebraska State Federal Judges have no right to force Nebraskans to recognize homosexual marriage. I hope the ruling is overturned by the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

Update: As of this evening the appeals court allows Nebraska gay marriage ban to stand.