March 28, 2015

Truth Teller: Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham has fired me up! After listening to her speech at the Imagine Fundraising Dinner for Assure Women’s Centers here in Omaha I decided to tune in to 1290 AM – The Mighty KOIL so I could soak up more truth!

Laura Ingraham is a spitfire! I just LOVE her! Not only is she PRO-LIFE but she is ANTI-DESTROYING YOUR BRAIN via marijuana! She was on a roll ranting and calling out all the LIES Liberals everywhere have bought into!

Laura Ingraham actually took the time to speak with law enforcement here in Omaha about the ramification of marijuana! I’m so glad to know that NEBRASKA and OKLAHOMA are suing COLORADO! Yep, marijuana IS a dangerous drug. It’s also a GATEWAY DRUG. But again, who doesn’t know that!!!

Laura Ingraham also touched on the fact that Senator Ernie Chambers hates our law enforcement in Nebraska. Ernie Chambers said, “If I had a gun I would use it on the police.” Uh – NOT COOL SENATOR CHAMBERS!!! It’s TIME for you TO GO!!! He needs to APOLOGIZE to the police. But, Ernie Chambers has refused and said he stands by his remarks.

Governor Pete Rickets was also on the show. He says if we can keep our Government growth down to 3% that will bring Nebraskans much needed TAX RELIEF!!! Hallelujah!!! FINALLY!!! Someone who GETS IT!!! He was going OFF on what the plan needs to be for Nebraska. LOVE HIM!!! He’s a smart guy who GETS IT!!! He’s right, you can’t trust the Federal Government to keep their promises. SO, so true!!!

I loved the fact that Laura Ingraham kept bringing up the ASSURE Women’s Center here in Omaha. It’s a GOOD place that offers REAL SOLUTIONS which is the opposite of what Planned Parenthood provides.

“The last thing we need is pot legalization. I want to get through the day with a clear head.” –Laura Ingraham

I may have to tune into Laura Ingraham’s radio programming more often. She has really got me fired up to start blogging again.

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