March 5, 2015

Please Don't Congratulate Nebraska

Nebraska State Federal Judges have no right to force Nebraskans to recognize homosexual marriage. I hope the ruling is overturned by the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

Update: As of this evening the appeals court allows Nebraska gay marriage ban to stand.


  1. I see Oklahoma just got rid of marriage licenses.

    The only reason for state-issued licenses is revenue gathering. The state has no business telling anyone they can or can't decide to live with another person, regardless of gender.

    If it wasn't for marriage licenses, the whole issue of "gay" marriage would never have arisen, as then marriage is an issue for churches, not states.

    How the federal government got its' nose in there is still unclear to me. There's not one word about marriage in the Constitution, but there's plenty about state's rights.

  2. Our government has its nose into A LOT these days. We recently went and had our taxes done and I was appalled at how much people have to pay if they don’t have health insurance.


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