March 28, 2015

I’m not just a Christian, I’m a Bible-believing Christian! You can take that to the bank!

At the end of the day if anyone were to ask me to choose or attempt to force my hand on a topic – I choose Christ every time. I will choose Christ even against the Constitution of the United States of America. Why, because this place is not my home.

I find it interesting that people pick and choose various Bible verses in the attempt to try and make a point without really taking the whole Bible and applying it accurately. In order to apply Scripture accurately you would have had to read the Bible and understand the history of the people who were living in those times.

People like to throw out the phrase “Judge not, that you be not judged” but what they don’t understand is that Jesus had forbid pronouncing another person guilty before God. Jesus doesn’t forbid all evaluation or even judgment of others, for ultimately the one who feels grieved and humbled over his own sin can help remove the “speck” from others. What Jesus does rule out is pride that views oneself as better than others.

The same people that throw out the “Judge not” verse like to ignore the “Go and from now on sin no more” verse. Sin is heinous whether it takes the form of adultery, slander, abusive words in a fit of rage, jealousy, gossip, or lying (pick your sin), God doesn’t ignore it because sin harms the people He created.

If I had a shop and you came into my shop cussing me out from top to bottom I would refuse your business and ask you to leave. If I were a nurse and you asked me to perform an abortion I would have to decline your request. I don’t believe in same-sex marriage – it doesn’t make me “judgmental” in the sense that those who throw the term around like to use it – it just makes me a person who chooses not to sit on the fence concerning that particular issue.

If that makes me a bigot, or a terrorist, or an asshole – well then I guess I just have to consider the source of the person throwing those terms in my direction. It will be what it will be. My faith doesn’t end the minute I step out of bed and I am free to choose who I want to do business with as well.


  1. if you were a nurse and a nut case came into your hospital might you also refuse him care?

  2. If I were a nurse I would provide life-saving care. In other words, no one can force me to end the life of an innocent human being through an abortion – BIG difference!


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