March 28, 2015

Bravo Senator Hilkemann!

The following is a condensation of Senator Robert Hilkemann’s remarks on the floor of the legislature. He posted these remarks publicly on his facebook page and I am re-sharing what was written because I believe his message is important and more people across our nation need to understand what is going on with Senator Chambers here in Nebraska. If you are a Nebraskan then you realize how wrong it is to have someone like Senator Chambers in office.

"Senator Chambers, you have had the privilege of serving in this body 40 years. I have been here 50 days. Senator Chambers, I’ve listened to you call us bigots, “Rickett’s Cricket”, Repelican’s, and racist to name just a few. You disparage my faith and my foundational source of moral and ethical truths found in the “Bibble.” I can respect you as a man of intellect and oratorical skill, but... You have said things in this chamber that not another senator would even think to utter, nor be allowed to say, and go unchallenged or uncensored.

With you, I am concerned whenever our law enforcement professionals resort to deadly force on unarmed civilians. No one, police included, is above the law. With you, Senator Chambers, I believe that Black lives matter. But, I also believe that Blue lives matter. The vast majority of our police officers, protect us very well. These men and women are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and Native-American. Every day they put their lives on the line to protect and serve us. I cannot tolerate any language or behavior that puts those lives at risk and/or incites others to harm our police officers.

You like referring to a man of conviction, Sir Thomas More. In my office hangs a picture of William Wilberforce. It was given to me by son, whom you met at the start of this session. He wrote me a note in which he said, “One man can make a difference!” Wilberforce was a young man of privilege who was elected to the Parliament in 1784.Three years later he experienced a conversion to Christianity and went on to became the driving force over the next 26 years to end the slave trade in England in 1807. Sir Thomas More’s life is featured in one of my favorite movies, A Man for All Seasons. Wilberforce’s life is highlighted in a more recent movie, Amazing Grace.

One of our main duties as senators is to provide for the protection of the citizens of this state. How can we carry out that duty when we have a member of this body publicly espousing he would shoot the police first and ask questions later?

Thank you Mr. Speaker."

Bravo Senator Hilkemann and I could not agree with you more! Senator Ernie Chambers is a horrible race-baiting schmuck who keeps getting elected. It's time for him to GO!

H/T: Senator Robert Hilkemann

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