August 19, 2014

What has happened to this country?

It’s amazing all the people out there who believe a police officer (red, yellow, black or white) doesn’t have the right to protect him or herself from harm. People keep saying “unarmed black teenager” well—last time I checked you can still kill someone even if you’re unarmed.

It’s pretty ballsy of anyone, I don’t care how old or who you are, to come after a cop no matter the size of the chip on your shoulder. I don’t care what kind of mood the cop is in. If a police officer is adamant about something usually citizens cooperate. You don’t talk back to the police officer and you don’t go after them and try to take their weapon away from them.

Here we are all these days later and some “facts” are slipping out and we still don’t have the whole story but all of Ferguson and the surrounding towns are in an uproar—for what? It’s a sad situation all around in many cities across the world. People behaving poorly, passing judgment, and making ASSumptions as to what happened when they weren’t there and not having the fortitude or the patience to wait and see what happens—it’s ridiculous!

Meanwhile, kids are not in school.

Every night there is violence in the streets. Racism—oh it still exists but it’s not your racism of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. It’s a different kind of racism and it has nothing to do with character or integrity or what makes a human being.

What really gets me is that as a “white” someone I’m automatically dismissed. I couldn’t possibly know what I’m talking about. The ends justify the means.

I’ve been thinking about that police officer, wondering what his story is, where he’s hiding, and whether or not anyone is going to listen to what he has to say. When someone is guilty usually, hopefully, we can anticipate the truth but as a society we are so warped we’ve lost sight of the truth and have bought the lie.

And where are all these thugs during the day? They wrap their faces with scarves to try and hide their identity. That’s the mantra of a coward.

Oh, and militarizing our local law enforcement. That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If the local citizens are out of control damaging property and hurting people and local law enforcement is not allowed to serve or protect the people. what are they supposed to do? Sit around and twiddle their thumbs? State and Federal make up this nation and when one fails the other is supposed to take up the slack. It’s called backing up the people!

What has happened to this country?