November 21, 2014

His Majesty the King

Last night POTUS told us what we already know. Were you paying attention to his words and actions all these years?

(The only thing he managed to have straight last night was his flag pin...)

The great Uniter-In-Chief continuing to do what he does best: divide and then multiply his bullshit agenda.

Oh sure… blame Republicans… blah blah blah

POTUS using his pen to shove rule of law down our throats.

Apparently he thinks the country wants to play Let’s Make a Deal. What a joke!

Did you hear him lecturing the United States of America on how to be accountable? I laughed my ass off!

He waited all these years until this exact moment in time to show the world how powerful he is.

(Oh, and I’m not impressed by those violin stories. I’m pretty sure his speech writers are tired of him too.)

POTUS calls his executive order a debate. What a pathetic loser!

Let’s reward everyone for breaking the law. Woohoo!

Did you hear the college part of his speech? How about helping Americans get their degrees? What a LIAR!

Then he said that trigger phrase: SHARED COMMITMENT – Gee whiz, Obama! I didn’t realize we were sharing anything but your LIES.

Lie Lie Lie Lie Lie – LIAR IN CHIEF!

Let’s give jobs to criminals. Yay!!! Yippeee!!! Weee!!!

This POTUS is unreal. He needs a reality check.

Photo Credit: WB Daily