July 2, 2014

Conversation with an ASSHOLE!

ME: You can't force a Christ follower to help you murder your baby.

BOB: A Christ follower. How many adopted children do you have Christ follower?

ME: --->> Foster Mom raises her hand and waves at Bob <<---

BOB: Foster does not count!

ME: Pfft!

ME: Humor me, Bob. Tell me why fostering kids with the option to adopt doesn't count. What kind of kid will work to match your sensibilities?

BOB: Adopt, buy a car, pay for college, keep the child until the day he dies as yours claim him. Getting paid by the state to take care of kids for short periods of time is hell for the kids and very NOT Christian. You are as bad as Islam. Like the Taliban you would have all believe in your religion to their detriment. You would have all follow your rules. FOSTER WITH AN OPTION TO ADOPT!! YOU ARE NOT RENTING A HOUSE YOU MORON. Keep your kind of GOD and Christian religion to yourself. I do not believe you, I think you lie, and are NOT a Christian. It's time to tax the church.

ME: We don't foster for the money and yes we would adopt every child that comes into our home if we could. Unfortunately our Government doesn't work that way. It's pretty clear from the vile you spew that you don't understand how the foster care system works. We will love every child that comes to our family and they will all know they are loved and that someone cares. We also try to love their biological families whenever possible. It's complex, too sophisticated for you to understand. Especially while you are busy making yourself look like an ASSHOLE. Have a GREAT day, BOB.


  1. I meant to respond to this last week - UGH! Bob has his head in a very narrow box. Stepping up to foster children IS taking care of children who could have never been born. I'm thankful there are people there who can foster children rather than leaving them in the care of parents who would only harm them, physically or mentally. Just because a child hasn't been adopted, on paper, does not mean the responsibilities and commitment to that child are any less. Children are now cows to be moved around in herds - for those who are born, some of them are fortunate to land in homes with loving families who, even if, for a short time, give them memories of love and a glimpse of how the world CAN be.

    Even as a pro-choice supporter - I would NEVER condemn a person for being a foster parent. Shame on you BOB!

  2. Just when I think I’ve seen and heard it all I come across someone like Bob and just think to myself, “Wow!”


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