January 27, 2014

Holy Matrimony is Out the Window

Did you watch the Grammys last night? We watched part of the Grammys. We saw Paul McCartney sing a song, some acceptance speeches, a country music performance, Metallica, and the memoriam segment.

We could care less what music celebrities were wearing and completely missed some of the other performances that were trending in our news feeds. We are happy we missed the almost-nude outfits and the scantily clad numbers.

We don’t particularly appreciate gay-marriage being shoved down our throats on a music award show but do realize this is pretty typical as well as hypocritical of Hollywood. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised or shocked by any of this behavior because that’s kind of how most celebrities operate.

I’m surprised they weren’t all on stage rolling a joint!!

Sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with music!!

Thank goodness we sent our kids to bed!!

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