September 9, 2013

My 9 year old is over it, too!

Yesterday while on our way to church we had some pretty lively discussion about Syria and what is happening in the world lately.

Our nine year old chimes in with, “I’m tired of hearing about Syria. I hear about it at school on the CNN Student News. I’m over it!”

Kids are smart! It doesn’t take much for them to figure things out.

We are all tired of it! I haven't turned on the TV today because I too am over it!

September 4, 2013

Are you freaking kidding me?

Who are we fighting with—Al Qaeda?

John McCain wants broader U.S. action in Syria—really? We have enough boots on the ground in the Middle East! We need to get our troops home and get out from under China!

What good is the “United Nations” if they keep looking to the United States of America to enforce all the rules set forth in what should be a humane society that doesn’t gas people to death?

Who voted “present”—anyone?

One article I was reading says 1,400 people died as a result of Syria’s gas attack. Why were they saying 100,000 people died or is that a misprint?

There’s supposed to be a “diplomatic” solution in Syria after this round of strikes ends—really?

Who are the moderate rebel groups? Is the word “moderate” supposed to make us all see hearts and flowers?

Why do I feel as though we are trapped inside the definition of insanity?

How dare Obama try to pass the buck on his credibility with regard to this matter—my goodness I guess I’m just a tad bit upset!

What is Russia going to do about all this? Aren’t they allies of Syria?

Are you freaking kidding me?

I am annoyed with my country

I guess Obama knows a lot about Syria but not much about Benghazi—go figure!?

This whole situation with Syria and President Obama is getting worse by the minute. My head hurts from trying to process all of the manure coming out of Washington D.C.

I am also sickened that people who voted for these morons do not pay better attention to what is happening in the world.

September 3, 2013

Today's Senate Hearing On Syria

Did anyone watch the Senate Hearing on Syria today? I watched all three hours of it while the kids were at school.

Why was Secretary of State John Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz in the room?

Senator Rand Paul was kicking ass and taking names!?

I wish I could sit in on the classified meeting on Syria. I think the missile drop is going to happen.

One thing Secretary of State John Kerry kept stressing was that President Obama was not asking for permission to go to war. He kept saying there was a difference between asking for permission to do an air strike versus going to war.

If air strikes are not war then what are they?