May 26, 2013

Urge Pentagon to scrub plan to court-martial Christians

Admiral: I'm not Backing Down

Urge Pentagon to scrub plan to court-martial Christians.
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Over the last several days we've watched the Pentagon double timing in their efforts to get ahead of the fallout from the April 23rd meeting between anti-Christian activist Mikey Weinstein and senior Air Force officials. In the meeting, discussion surrounded a forthcoming Air Force policy on religious expression that Lt. Gen. Richard C. Harding said "will be a panacea to all religious issues." Many in the Christian community have sought to make sense of the Pentagon's confusing statements this past week -- particularly the most troubling line: that "religious proselytization is not permitted within the Department of Defense." Coercion has always been prohibited. But another Air Force statement said "members are free to express their personal beliefs as long as it does not make others uncomfortable." Uncomfortable is obviously subjective. The Pentagon later claimed that evangelism is not included in their definition of proselytization.

However, a well-respected Rear Admiral as well as an avalanche of recent attacks on religious liberty in the uniformed services completely contradict the official line put out by the Pentagon. Yesterday, video was released of the speech given by Coast Guard Rear Admiral William Lee at the National Day of Prayer service on Capitol Hill. The Admiral boldly declared that he had disregarded the rules and gave a Bible to a service member who had attempted suicide. He went further and pledged not to abide by the restrictive regulations. To a standing ovation, Admiral Lee promised not to back down from "my right under the Constitution to tell a young man that there is hope."

After listening to his speech and reading the steady stream of reports about suppression of religious expression, I don't see how one can dismiss these concerns as rising from some kind of conspiracy theory being pushed by Christian groups. In reality, the concerns stated by Christians in the military are the result of an environment of increasing religious hostility that has been created by restrictive regulations at the behest of activists like Mikey Weinstein. Several weeks ago, Defense Secretary Hagel was grilled about them in a Congressional hearing -- but said he knew nothing about it. A conspiracy? No. An environment created by Mikey Weinstein's influence over military regulations and compliant leaders? Yes.

Urge Pentagon to scrub plan to court-martial Christians.
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Video courtesy of GOD TV & the National Day of Prayer

H/T: Rear Admiral Lee Addresses Restrictive Regulations on Religious Liberty

May 24, 2013

Marketplace Fairness Act Fact Checking

1. MFA Is Taxation Without Representation.
Claim: The authors claim that in an op-ed Heritage president Jim DeMint, then a U.S. Senator, incorrectly asserted that the Internet tax plan would amount to “taxation without representation.”
Response: We have always recognized that ultimately consumers pay the tab for sales taxes. But under the MFA, there would also be a significant tax burden imposed on out-of-state sellers. Not only do they bear legal responsibility for remitting payments to 46 or more tax authorities, but they would be forced to bear a significant burden in administering and collecting the taxes. All of these new burdens would be imposed by states in which they have no physical presence and in which the owners and employees have no representation. That is not just taxation without representation; it’s regulation without representation.
2. MFA Will Harm “Small Businesses.”
Claim: The authors deny Heritage’s assertion that the MFA would harm small business, citing the $1 million revenue threshold.
Response: The MFA will undoubtedly burden small businesses. While $1 million might sound large to some, a firm with that much revenue is typically still quite small. For example, the Small Business Administration defines a small retail business as a firm with annual receipts of up to $5 million and sometimes as much as $21 million (depending on the particular product being provided). The MFA’s mandates would burden small businesses of this size.
3. Collecting Sales Taxes Is Too Complex.
Claim: The authors claim that software, to be provided free to businesses, would eliminate burdens.
Response: The promise of free software hardy eliminates the burden on small businesses. They would still have to integrate the data into their sales and accounting system, ensure that over 46 sales tax forms are properly completed and filed, handle specific customer requests and inquiries, ensure that the software is regularly updated, and deal with potential audits from each state tax authority. Complying with all those burdens would require additional man hours from employees and paying costly tax compliance firms. Both will impact the bottom lines of small businesses.
4. The MFA Will Threaten the Economy.
Claim: The authors take issue with a quote from an MFA opponent saying that it would “threaten a fragile economic recovery.”
Response: The MFA may not, by itself, sink the economy, but to argue that a tax increase will help it grow faster is preposterous. Tax increases are not pro-growth.
5. Small Businesses Will Be Audited.
Claim: The authors take issue with our assertion that small businesses will be subject to audit, citing the $1 million revenue exemption, the promise of free software, and a limitation on liability for software users.
Response: This argument is a complete non sequitur. It does not address in any way the fact that online retailers, under the MFA’s explicit language, would be subject to audits by each of 46 states, the District of Columbia, all U.S. territories and possessions, and Native American reservations.
6. Conservatives Do Not Support MFA.
Claim: The authors deny that a growing chorus of conservative voices is opposing this legislation.
Response: Allowing states to require out-of-state retailers to collect sales taxes for them is opposed by a broad range of conservative analysts and organizations. We believe the concept is fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of limited government.
7. MFA Has Been “Rushed Through” Congress.
Claim: The authors take issue with a statement in a Heritage blog that the MFA was “rushed” through the Senate.
Response: The Senate did not follow regular order with MFA, instead skipping over the committee of jurisdiction on the issue and bringing the bill straight to the floor. That qualifies as rushing.

Good Job Sen Ted Cruz!

Fix the Problem!!! We are tired of the games!!!

H/T: Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks Against the Senate Using Procedural Tricks to Raise the Debt Ceiling

It's Easy to Ignore the Constitution

May 23, 2013

150 Reasons Why Barack Obama Is The Worst President In History

Good Job Sen Rand Paul!

H/T: Rand Paul RIPS Colleagues For 'Berating' Apple Over Taxes. Congress Should Be On Trial

Good Job Rep Trey Gowdy!

H/T: Gowdy Questions Former IRS Commissioner on Targeting of Conservative Groups

Good Job Rep James Lankford!

H/T: Something Doesn't Add Up

Transparency and Open Government in the United States of America

Transparency and Open Government

Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies
SUBJECT: Transparency and Open Government

My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.

Government should be transparent. Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing. Information maintained by the Federal Government is a national asset. My Administration will take appropriate action, consistent with law and policy, to disclose information rapidly in forms that the public can readily find and use. Executive departments and agencies should harness new technologies to put information about their operations and decisions online and readily available to the public. Executive departments and agencies should also solicit public feedback to identify information of greatest use to the public.

Government should be participatory. Public engagement enhances the Government's effectiveness and improves the quality of its decisions. Knowledge is widely dispersed in society, and public officials benefit from having access to that dispersed knowledge. Executive departments and agencies should offer Americans increased opportunities to participate in policymaking and to provide their Government with the benefits of their collective expertise and information. Executive departments and agencies should also solicit public input on how we can increase and improve opportunities for public participation in Government.

Government should be collaborative. Collaboration actively engages Americans in the work of their Government. Executive departments and agencies should use innovative tools, methods, and systems to cooperateamong themselves, across all levels of Government, and with nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals in the private sector. Executive departments and agencies should solicit public feedback to assess and improve their level of collaboration and to identify new opportunities for cooperation.

I direct the Chief Technology Officer, in coordination with the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Administrator of General Services, to coordinate the development by appropriate executive departments and agencies, within 120 days, of recommendations for an Open Government Directive, to be issued by the Director of OMB, that instructs executive departments and agencies to take specific actions implementing the principles set forth in this memorandum. The independent agencies should comply with the Open Government Directive.

This memorandum is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by a party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

This memorandum shall be published in the Federal Register.


H/T: Transparency and Open Government

Dog and Pony Shows

If you want more money to be earned in the United States—make profit welcome here. Until that time arrives, count me out of any government dog and pony shows that badger business. ~Rand Paul

H/T: What Did Apple Do Wrong?

The Great American Experiment

Much has been written about the recent Obama Administration scandal that centers on the IRS’ abuse of power. One of the most profound questions asked during the House Ways and Means Committee investigation was by Rep. Kevin Brady (R) of Texas who asked: “Is this still America?” Brady followed up by asking: ‘Is this government so drunk on power that it would turn its full force, its full might, to harass, and intimidate, and threaten an average American who only wants her voice, their voices heard?’

H/T: Is this still America?

The Left Redefined Racial Equality

Somewhere in America’s recovery from the sin of slavery, the Left hijacked our well-intentioned Christian desire to achieve racial equality. The Left redefined “racial equality” to mean that minorities are never to be held responsible for their actions; minorities are entitled to endless government hand-outs via government confiscation and redistribution; opposing a minority on any issue is regarded racist and hateful. ~Lloyd Marcus

H/T: Time for the American People to Demand an Apology

The Govt Hates Competition

Juan Williams on Obama's DOJ

Piers Morgan must of passed his light bulb to Juan Williams

The New York Times Editorial Board

With the decision to label a Fox News television reporter a possible “co-conspirator” in a criminal investigation of a news leak, the Obama administration has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news.

The latest reported episode involves James Rosen, the chief Washington correspondent for Fox News. In 2009, Mr. Rosen reported on that North Korea planned to launch a missile in response to the condemnation of its nuclear tests by the United Nations Security Council. The Justice Department investigated the source of the article and later indicted Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, a State Department security adviser, on charges of leaking classified information. Mr. Kim pleaded not guilty.

Normally, the inquiry would have ended with Mr. Kim — leak investigations usually focus on the source, not the reporter. But, in this case, federal prosecutors also asked a federal judge for permission to examine Mr. Rosen’s personal e-mails, arguing that “there is probable cause to believe” Mr. Rosen is “an aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator” in the leak.

An affidavit filed with the judge made it clear that Mr. Rosen’s comings and goings at the State Department were carefully monitored. It said further that he tried to elicit information by “employing flattery and playing to Mr. Kim’s vanity and ego.” That would hardly be a first in the relationship between journalists and government officials, and, certainly, it is not grounds for a conspiracy charge. Though Mr. Rosen was not charged, the F.B.I. request for his e-mail account was granted secretly in late May 2010. The government was allowed to rummage through Mr. Rosen’s e-mails for at least 30 days. (The New Yorker reported Tuesday that Justice Department officials also seized phone records associated with White House staffers and Fox News as part of the Kim case.)

Michael Clemente, the executive vice president of Fox News, said on Monday that it was “downright chilling” that Mr. Rosen “was named a criminal co-conspirator for simply doing his job as a reporter.” Bruce Brown, the executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, added on Tuesday that treating “routine news-gathering efforts as evidence of criminality is extremely troubling and corrodes time-honored understandings between the public and the government about the role of the free press.”

The Rosen case follows other signs that the administration has gone overboard in its zeal to find and muzzle insiders. The Associated Press revealed last week that the government had secretly seized two months’ worth of records for telephones used by the agency’s staff, partly to determine the source of a leak about a report involving a foiled terrorist plot in Yemen. At least two other major leak investigations are continuing. Six current and former administration officials have been indicted under the old Espionage Act for leaking classified information to the press and public. In 2010, a federal judge in Maryland sentenced a leaker to 20 months in jail while admitting that he was “in the dark as to the kind of documents” involved in the leak or what impact they had on national security.

Obama administration officials often talk about the balance between protecting secrets and protecting the constitutional rights of a free press. Accusing a reporter of being a “co-conspirator,” on top of other zealous and secretive investigations, shows a heavy tilt toward secrecy and insufficient concern about a free press.

H/T: Another Chilling Leak Investigation

Pigs are flying all over the country. Can you see them?

May 19, 2013

Piers Morgan's Light Bulb Moment

Piers Morgan had an ah ha light bulb moment this week! I hope the rest of America is paying attention.

Investigate the White House

Who ordered the political witch hunt by the IRS against Tea Party groups, Pro-Israel, Conservative, and Christian organizations? Who ordered no military response in Benghazi? Who ordered journalist phone lines to be tapped? Who ordered the EPA to provide more waivers to green-leaning groups over conservative ones? ~Michele Bachmann

I don’t always agree with Michele Bachmann but in this instance I could not agree more. As Americans we ought to be outraged and demand the truth.

Political IRS Intimidation

Are you ready for big brother IRS?

Remember when Obama promised to cut the Federal Debt in half?

May 18, 2013

501 c3 Applicant Abuse by the IRS

H/T: Congressman: IRS asked pro-life group about 'the content of their prayers'

During a House Ways and Means Committee hearing today, Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., grilled outgoing IRS commissioner Steven Miller about the IRS targeting a pro-life group in Iowa.

“Their question, specifically asked from the IRS to the Coalition for Life of Iowa: ‘Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers,’" Schock declared.

“Would that be an inappropriate question to a 501 c3 applicant?” asked Schock. “The content of one’s prayers?”

“It pains me to say I can’t speak to that one either,” Miller replied.

After Schock pressed him further, Miller explained that although he couldn't comment on the specific case, it would "surprise him" if that question was asked.

H/T: The Examiner

IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups

When did America change her name to Amerika? Every last one of us should be outraged by what is going on in this country. The "I don't knows" are getting old.

The IRS is disgusting. The Department of Labor is not innocent in all this either. The Congressional Committee had better get to the bottom of this IRS crapola.

H/T: Rep. Mike Kelly Receives Standing Ovation at Ways & Means Hearing on IRS Scandal

May 17, 2013

Get up on your Soapbox #12: Obamacare is beginning to pack its punch people!

Obamacare is beginning to pack its punch people! A good friend of mine got a letter in the mail today from their doctor who they have been seeing for over 10 years through their health insurance plan. Well, it seems that Obamacare has now forced their personal family physician to significantly decrease his practice and sign on with a program that will have an annual membership fee should they choose to enroll. The fee is $1650 a person. I’m guessing the annual membership fee doesn’t cover the actual doctor visits or the cost of the tests that will need to be run, if any at all depending on the healthcare needs of this family. I can’t say that I blame the doctor. Then there is the pediatrician and other specialists this family has seen over the years depending on their needs. I wonder what their fees will be and my friend has health insurance. So, if you have health insurance then you still have to come up with a membership fee on top of that. That’s pretty freaking incredible! This is all Obama’s doing with the help of socialist-loving-liberals everywhere. Thank You America!!! (If you love Obama and voted for him – save it.)


Get up on your Soapbox

May 16, 2013

Get up on your Soapbox #11: Warning - If you love Obama, stop reading!

I'd like to thank our President... No, YOUR President. He is not mine. I will pray for him as God tells me to, but other than that I have nothing but dislike for him. So I thank YOUR President for his ridiculous Obamacare nonsense that has now forced my personal, family physician to significantly decrease his practice and sign on with a program that will have an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE should I choose to enroll... and that fee will be for BOTH my husband and I and it will be $1650 a person! So thank you, Mr. President, for making sure that my family, despite having health insurance, can no longer see the doctor we have been seeing for the past 10 years! THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!


Get up on your Soapbox and start Speaking UP!!! Do you have a point you'd like to make? Send it to me and I will post it anonymously for the "Get up on your Soapbox" feature on this blog. Come on now...Speak Up!!! Get up on your Soapbox!!!

May 13, 2013

Benghazi and the IRS

Benghazi – It amazes me how much our Govt lies to us about pretty much everything. Who executed the order to stand down? What happened in Benghazi and why isn’t our Govt working its ass off to get to the bottom of it? Why were we lied to? We're supposed to protect and defend our citizens. It’s pretty clear to everyone, including myself, that what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 had absolutely nothing to do with a video.

IRS – It seems that the IRS targeted conservative groups with words like “patriot” and “tea party” in their titles. Have you heard about this? If you haven’t heard about this I highly recommend you look into it because the IRS admitted that they indeed targeted conservative groups. Why else would they apologize for doing so? Why haven’t they fired anyone at the IRS? Could it be they won’t fire anyone because they need every last official to oversee that monstrosity called the “affordable” care act? Are you ready for the IRS to police your affiliations, your savings accounts, and your health care?

May 2, 2013

I hope you are praying AMERICA!!

The Pentagon has confirmed that soldiers could be prosecuted for promoting their faith – this includes Chaplains!

Being convicted in a court martial means that a soldier has committed a crime under federal military law. Punishment for a court martial can include imprisonment and being dishonorably discharged from the military.


So President Barack Obama’s civilian appointees who lead the Pentagon are confirming that the military will make it a crime--possibly resulting in imprisonment--for those in uniform to share their faith. This would include chaplains—military officers who are ordained clergymen of their faith (mostly Christian pastors or priests, or Jewish rabbis)--whose duty since the founding of the U.S. military under George Washington is to teach their faith and minister to the spiritual needs of troops who come to them for counsel, instruction, or comfort.

I hope you are praying AMERICA!!

RIP Mac Daddy Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly, one half of the '90s rap duo Kris Kross, has died of a possible drug overdose, Georgia authorities said. ~ABC News

How Kelly died isn't known, and the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office said an autopsy is planned for Thursday. ~CNN News

Fans of the 1990s rap duo Kris Kross have been mourning the loss of Chris Kelly, who died Wednesday night of an apparent drug overdose at his home in Georgia. No official cause of death has been determined. He was 34. ~USA Today

Chris Kelly, who rose to fame in the early '90s as half of the young rap duo Kris Kross, died Wednesday in Atlanta. He was 34. The Associated Press reports that Kelly was pronounced dead "at an Atlanta hospital on Wednesday [after] an apparent drug overdose at his home, authorities said. ... 'It appears it may have been a possible drug overdose,' said Cpl. Kay Lester, a spokeswoman for the Fulton County police." ~NPR

Kelly was found unresponsive at his home in Atlanta on Wednesday evening. He was transported to Atlanta Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Police say the death is being investigated as a possible drug overdose. ~Billboard

I hope Chris Kelly didn't die because of a drug overdose.