October 4, 2013

This mandate has to go!

Some people who’ve spent the past 48 hours trying to log onto Obamacare exchange websites finally got in only to discover they’ll need health insurance to cover their cases of sticker shock…If you expect the Affordable Care Act to make your insurance more affordable, then you don’t understand how Congress names laws. The Santa Cruz, California, Sentinel talked to some locals were stunned to see their new insurance rates. One local man was paying $630 a month for a $6,000-deductible policy for himself, his wife and their son discovered that on the state exchange, a no-frills “bronze” plan will cost him $1150 a month, with $12,000 in out-of-pocket expenses. He makes just enough not to qualify for subsidies, so half his income will go to health insurance. The paper found other angry Californians whose rates are rising by up to 70 percent. That dad predicts “huge outrage” from the middle class. That is, if there’s enough of a middle class left to raise a huge outrage. ~Mike Huckabee

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