August 30, 2013

Secretary of State John Kerry Speaks

I just finished listening to Secretary of State John Kerry speak to our nation. I think I’m gonna throw up but not for the reasons some of you might assume. Personally, I don’t think we can look the other way when it comes to genocide. Genocide is everywhere! Where is code pink? Where are the anti-war protests? Why is it okay for a Liberal President to go to war but not a Conservative one? All you President George W. Bush haters—you can’t tell me this is different. Where’s the freaking consistency? I understand having a change of heart on certain issues in life and everyone is entitled. I know I have changed my own mind about A LOT of things. I can’t help it—when I think of genocide I think of Adolf Hitler. Again, genocide is happening all over the world! Isn’t it kind of like watching a crime and looking the other way? Do you pretend you don’t hear screaming or gunshots if it’s happening in your neighborhood? Are you as frustrated as I am?

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