August 31, 2013

Obama's Statement On Syria

In about 15 minutes President Obama will make a statement on Syria.

What are your thoughts on what is happening with Syria?

Do you think the United States should launch missile strikes in Syria?


  1. When did America become the world's policeman?

    I know we've done things like this before. I seem to remember Democrats loudly condemning such acts by Republican Presidents.

    Still doesn't make it right to threaten another country with reprisals for acts totally within that country's borders, let alone attack them for it - no matter how heinous those acts are.

  2. These same democrats called George W. Bush a warmonger. Do you remember the Code Pink protests? The hypocrisy is ridiculous!
    United Nations is a joke, too.

    I feel sorry for the 100k who died and all those innocent children. Who are these people?

    Personally, I do have a problem with heinous acts. I have a hard time looking the other way when it comes to genocide. Genocide always reminds me of Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein.

    But, you are right. When did the United States become the world’s law enforcement team?

    I would like to get our troops home ASAP and get out from under China.


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