August 14, 2013

Get up on your Soapbox #13: Why have we stopped talking about Benghazi?

I'm going to apologize in advance here—I just have to get this off my chest.

Why have we stopped talking about Benghazi?

Why are we coming up on the one year anniversary of this horrible crime and still no one has been charged?

We all know what happened—America failed these men!!!

We have allowed our Government to shut us up about it. We have allowed the media to forget it ever happened. WE are responsible for allowing the rape and torture of these men to go unpunished!!!

They believed that help was on the way the entire time and yet nothing. They were violated in unspeakable manners, all along thinking that America wouldn't let them die. And what did we do? We slept! The American people, The Secretary of State, The President—we all slept peacefully in our beds.

If a mother sat and did nothing while her child was being raped and tortured for hours in the other room, until that child finally fell dead on the ground, there would be an outrage. There would be a trial and a guilty verdict before that child could be laid to rest.

But let that "mother" be our current administration and the whole thing is just an "unfortunate incident.”

Incompetence is one thing but when your incompetence starts killing Americans Mr. President—that's criminal!!!!


Get up on your Soapbox

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