June 10, 2013


My friend PTG passed away yesterday morning. He was a great guy. I got to know him from our Nebraska blogs and we held many similar views on politics. I never had the chance to know him face-to-face. 

The most memorable phrases I will never forget are when he would refer to someone as a “cool cat” or when he talked about our heavenly Father he would give thanks to “the Creator.” He also introduced me to the word “DWEEB” which makes me laugh!

PTG would follow my status updates on Facebook. Every time I would post a Kinsley-ism he’d chime in that he’s pretty sure she’s Judge material. 

PTG was one of the first people who could understand and relate to some of my personal struggles. Again, he would always defer back to the Creator. There must be something to that, eh PTG? Relinquishing control to the Creator made him a very happy man. 

PTG moved to New Mexico back in 2009 with the Love of his life. I enjoyed getting to follow their story on Facebook. I think the most beautiful wildlife and sunsets are at their place in New Mexico. Makes me sad to think he lost his battle with cancer there but at least he got to be with his Love.

I don’t know what else to say. He was a cool Cat!! I was very sad when I found out that he died yesterday. He will be missed. 

Here is a very fitting tribute for PTG I think you will appreciate over on The Poor Farm. It's called Sunday Sunday Sunday At Raceway Park!


  1. Well said. He sure left an indelible mark in a lot of lives.

  2. Thanks. One day we will get to see him.


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