May 17, 2013

Get up on your Soapbox #12: Obamacare is beginning to pack its punch people!

Obamacare is beginning to pack its punch people! A good friend of mine got a letter in the mail today from their doctor who they have been seeing for over 10 years through their health insurance plan. Well, it seems that Obamacare has now forced their personal family physician to significantly decrease his practice and sign on with a program that will have an annual membership fee should they choose to enroll. The fee is $1650 a person. I’m guessing the annual membership fee doesn’t cover the actual doctor visits or the cost of the tests that will need to be run, if any at all depending on the healthcare needs of this family. I can’t say that I blame the doctor. Then there is the pediatrician and other specialists this family has seen over the years depending on their needs. I wonder what their fees will be and my friend has health insurance. So, if you have health insurance then you still have to come up with a membership fee on top of that. That’s pretty freaking incredible! This is all Obama’s doing with the help of socialist-loving-liberals everywhere. Thank You America!!! (If you love Obama and voted for him – save it.)


Get up on your Soapbox

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