March 14, 2013

A 22-month old smoked marijuana

Did you hear about the mom that let her 22-month old smoke marijuana? The entire incident was recorded on a cell phone. Feel free to Google this if you don't believe me.

The mother and father were arrested and the children in the home where taken into child protective services. The police also found 40 marijuana plants in their home.

This mother thinks it's a joke. She thinks what she is doing is funny. I don't think it's anything to laugh about. I hope the authorities take her children away and put them in a loving nurturing home.

These criminal potheads are destroying their children's brains. They don't deserve to be parents. I hope their parental rights get stripped from them. I feel sorry for those kids.


  1. Sad to say but this happens more than the media reports. Family values in America are declining so fast that I am scared of what life will be life for my future grand kids.

  2. Young minds everywhere are being destroyed by these selfish drug addicts.


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