February 28, 2013

The Sequester and Lamestream Media

Yes, I'm still here. Yes, I'm still paying attention. I haven't been blogging much about any of this because quite frankly, I'm disgusted. Common sense cuts need to be made, period. We cannot sustain this country on top of our 16 trillion and growing federal deficit. The people in this nation need to understand the difference between enabling and helping. Enabling someone is doing something for someone that they can and should do for themselves. Helping someone is doing something for someone that they cannot do for themselves. Our "entitled" society needs to give it a rest. You are not entitled to anything and instead should be grateful that you live in the land of opportunity where men are free to choose their own destiny. Yes, the foolishness in our Govt is beyond pathetic. I hope those who understand the difference between right and wrong are paying attention because we are being outnumbered by foolishness and our debt continues to grow at rapid rates.

If you'd like to stay on top of what's happening in the United States of America be sure and add Michelle Malkin's blog to your list of newsworthy resources. Michelle Malkin and Doug Powers do an excellent job of keeping me informed of what's really happening in Washington. Slowly but surely lamestream media is being replaced. Yes, I'm pretty disgusted with lamestream media.

February 12, 2013

Are you watching the State of the Union?

The State of the Union is about to begin on prime time television. I decided not to watch it on any of the news networks because there is way too much chatter on the side. Instead, I have tuned into C-SPAN2 where I can watch it live, uninterrupted, and free of commentary.

I decided to live blog the speech so check back throughout the programming but be sure to refresh so you will see if I have added anything new. I will be voicing my own opinions on what is said and will look forward to reading your comments.

8:10 pm cst

It's a germ fest with all the handshakes, clapping, and heavy breathing all over each other. I hope everyone had their flu shots this year. Goodness, how long does it take to walk to your spot? Joe Biden looks thrilled. Come on!! Let's get on with it. I'm tired. I'd like to go to bed at a decent hour.

8:14 pm cst

Here we go!!!

8:15 pm cst

He's starting out by talking about the Constitution and how it makes us partners by quoting John F. Kennedy. He says there's much progress to report. He says that our brave men and women are finally coming home. He says that the State of our Union is strong.


No matter where you come from, what you look like, or who you love...What is he trying to say? Yep, it's not the Government's job to solve all of our problems. Yes, we expect compromise so that both parties will work together but so far there hasn't been much of that.

Oh did he just bring up the BUDGET? Ha!!!

8:22 pm cst

Michele Bachmann is shaking her head.

He's back on the class warfare train. This is what irritates me about Obama. He LOVES the words "fair share."

Obama says that Govt should keep the promises that they've already made. Really? Since when does Govt keep their promises??

He talks about tax reform - how about the fair tax?? The American people are sick and TIRED of taxes going UP. Smart savings? Smart savings for who? He's lecturing us about a "manufactured crisis" when he's made everything a crisis in order to ram things through.

"Let's be clear" - I don't like that phrase at all.

8:30 pm cst

Business Manufacturing Hubs - Sounds like more SPENDING to me!!!

"INVEST" - That means SPEND SPEND SPEND. Oh my goodness...he really thinks I'm buying the whole "INVESTMENT" vocabulary???

This President does NOT want to solve our debt problem. He want's to keep that road trip going and who will pay for all of this?? WE WILL!!!

8:34 pm cst

He's on the climate change bandwagon again. Here we go...

Didn't he just lecture about a "manufactured crisis" just a bit ago? He just said "act before it's too late" - what a FREAKING joke!!!

8:35 pm cst

Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Cleaner Energy

What happened to SOLYNDRA!!!!????

8:37 pm cst

FIX IT FIRST - How much will that cost??? Is this a NEW GOVT program??? He just said that TAXPAYERS should not have to hold the entire burden. WHAT!???

Let's start right away??? He said he wants to start this right away. Is this another emergency crisis???

8:40 pm cst

He keeps talking about "helping" the economy grow. I don't believe him.

8:43 pm cst

Affordability and value for a higher education is something I can agree with. It should not cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to get a college education. Seriously...I agree with Obama on that one.

8:47 pm cst

Joe Biden needs a tan. He is looking pretty pasty tonight. ;)

8:49 pm cst

The Violence Against Women's Act - I APPROVE!!!

The Paycheck Fairness Act - I APPROVE!!!

"An honest days work for honest wages" - A $9.00 p/hour minimum wage?? Tying the minimum wage to the cost of living. That's an interesting concept because the cost of living varies depending on where you live.

8:52 pm cst

Having the courage to raise a child - I agree with Obama on that one. I hope all the deadbeats out there are tuning in.


8:54 pm cst

Oh. my. goodness. He just said that the war in Afghanistan would be over by the end of next year. Why. Why. WHY does he find it necessary to make that announcement?? WHY!??

8:56 pm cst

North Korea and Iran - Obama says we will do what's necessary to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon. He also mentions engaging Russia, etc.

Increasing information sharing by executive order - I'd like to know a little bit more about that one. I guess the question I have about this is why there was such an uproar about this from Obama when President George W. Bush was trying to keep our nation more safe and secure. Why the double standard???

9:01 pm cst

By saving the world's children from preventable deaths - what about saving America's children from death by abortion???

9:03 pm cst

Is Obama wearing a flag pin? I think it's a flag pin. The light is shining bright on that.

Obama wants to improve our voting experience. What does THAT mean????

Gun Violence doesn't come from law abiding citizens.

9:15 pm cst

It's over. I can go to bed. I'd be curious to see what you thought of the State of the Union. Leave a comment!! :)

February 10, 2013

February 2, 2013

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance. ~Psalm 33:12