January 5, 2013


Here is an example of a public conversation that went down earlier this week. This discussion depicts the frustration running rampant in our nation. I have changed the names to protect the individuals in spite of the fact that this discussion did take place in a public forum. You might think this is a bit of a stretch, even for me, but this is why I will never register as libertarian.

I once took a quiz online that said I was 99.9% libertarian. I am more conservative that I am libertarian and as much as libertarians want to say that marijuana is not part of their platform the more I want to scoff because every time I have ever considered a politician who claimed to be libertarian...they turned me off right away with their platform turning to the legalization of marijuana.

With all the important issues we have on deck a politician who trumps it all with the legalization of marijuana TURNS. ME. OFF. Yes, POTHEAD ALERT...!!! I can't take you seriously if legalization of marijuana is THAT important you. Drug addiction is a problem in this country and I do NOT want POTHEADS paving the way. Period.

KMH: John Boehner says we have too much debt. Drives us over fiscal cliff. Gets re-elected. #GOPFAIL

AS: Exactly!

DL: #GOPInfiltrated



JP: And people wonder why I am ready to leave the GOP

CK: Only in the perverse town of DC in this insane country called America.

CDF: You haven't left? Join us at the Libertarian Party, lp.org

AS: As soon as you guys get rid of your pothead politicians I will be more than ready to register as Libertarian!

KK: I'm looking at Constitution Party....

EL: Hey JP, duh!!! You think?

CDF: The country faces a real fiscal cliff, destruction of our constitutional rights, and endless war, and AS is worried about weed. She's probably better off with the Republicans.

ALK: They act like the govt is a separate entity...

AS: Ever tried having a conversation with a burned out pothead? It's not a lot of fun. It never really ends at just marijuana either. I'm for the Constitution and as Conservative as it gets. Don't like potheads. Never have, never will.

JP2: This is sick. Not to mention all the pork these guys tried to throw in the Sandy aid! They will kill our country... this debt ceiling will expire in March...

CD: Mrs. AS, libertarianism is not about drugs. It is about Liberty. Respect for liberty demands that we all mind our own business. What the pothead down the street does with his own time, in his own home, is of no concern to you. If you don't like his lifestyle, don't join his activities. But you must recognize that you have absolutely NO authority to keep him from doing it. Libertarians don't want everyone to get high; we just want people to understand that it is unacceptable and unjust to use force (govt) against another human being for the purpose of curbing his vices. This is why libertarians oppose laws against drug use, prostitution, gambling, etc.

KMH: That sounds all well and good CD except that there is a God, and He does not want us destroying our bodies, and no one lives in a vacuum. The pot addict's addiction affects family, friends, and depending on his/her other activities, the general public. There is no such thing as a victimless crime. Prostitution is human trafficking.

LM: Call your Reps and tell them the only cure is to deeply and immediately cut govt. So, don't raise the debt ceiling and call on Obama and the Dems to reform and privatize entitlements so they can free up some extra cash flow. (Currently revenue is sufficient for entitlements, the military, courts and jails.) Then insist upon a lower flat tax and an end to cronyism in subsidy and regs. Then cut all the non-military, non-defense spending from the DoD spending Bills and end Afghanistan and Iraq beyond "consultants". Then let's see if they really need any more borrowing capability.

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