November 1, 2012

Washington Spends Too Much

The last four years have seen a surge in government spending, sending the nation deeper into debt. The path we are on is simply unsustainable.

We're not in this mess because Washington taxed too little; we're in this mess because Washington spent too much. Hardworking Americans should not have to bailout Washington's waste with a tax increase.

Raising taxes won't solve our economic problems. It won't put Americans back to work. It won't do enough to reduce our debt. And it won't create economic opportunity for everyday Americans.

Higher taxes would strangle job creation at a time when millions of Americans are out of work. In fact, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation, the President's proposed tax increase on those making over $250,000 a year would affect nearly 1 million businesses in 2013.

Meanwhile, Congress has failed to pass a budget in over three years and has voted down a balanced budget amendment multiple times.

Washington spent nearly a trillion dollars on a stimulus package that failed to revive our economy, and then spent another $1.7 trillion on a health care plan that takes from Medicare to pay for a new entitlement program.

American families are struggling to make ends meet. We've already tightened our budgets and made sacrifices. We can't afford for Washington to raise taxes and take even more of our money to pay for even more wasteful spending.

H/T: Americans for Prosperity

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