November 9, 2012

Get up on your Soapbox #10

Harry Reid is saying that if the debt ceiling has to be raised by 2.4 Trillion we will raise it. You know what? Let these FOOLS do whatever they want to! I’m not afraid! If they want to raise the debt ceiling again and continue on our road to downgrade our nation even further – LET THEM! If they want to keep spending out the butt – LET THEM! If they think massive entitlement growth is the answer – LET THEM! If they think millionaires and billionaires can solve our federal debt and our spending problem – LET THEM TAX the crap out of them! If they want to raise taxes – LET THEM! Let the chips fall where they may! I don’t care – My HELP comes from the LORD. Sometimes you have to let people crash and burn - LET THEM! Good luck with that! Don’t come crying to me when you crash and burn! I won’t be able to bail your sorry butt out. The stock market will keep on tanking! The chips are gonna fall where they may! Do what you want! I. Don’t. Care. I’m going out tonight! You guys have fun with your lives and I’ll see you over the HUMP.


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  1. exactly! Let them do what they want..I'm going on with Jesus just the same,,he is where I put my hope and trust.


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