October 17, 2012

Romney Won the Debate Last Night

I enjoy social networking during these political debates. What's amazing to me are all the people who complain that politics is blowing up their news feed on Facebook. I'm actually glad to see that because it means that our country is engaged and possibly paying attention. If you don't like politics blowing up your facebook feed then maybe you ought to wait until these important events are over and you won't have to subject yourself to it OR figure out how to use your Facebook account properly and then maybe you won't be such a nag with your complaining. :) 

Here were a few of my Facebook status updates for those of you who are not connected to me on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. This will give you a sense of what I was thinking as it was happening during the debate starting at the beginning of the debate going all the way to the end. 

  • Let the games begin! 
  • No more freaking bailouts! 
  • No more Solyndra-like "investments" !
  • Candy Crowley - Pfft! 
  • I don't need Govt telling me what kind of vehicle to buy! Hello!? 
  • Losing in Solyndra-like deals = not winning! 
  • Energy Independent - Yes! 
  • Go Romney! 
  • Oh, so Romney was responsible even though he wasn't President. That's why the gas prices are higher today? Really? The President is laughable! 
  • "Winning the future" - Got your bingo cards handy??
  • Fair Tax Baby! 
  • Health insurance premiums are up and they keep going Up! 
  • Yay! I like Romney's tax plan so far - yes I do! 
  • No more Govt spending. No more Govt borrowing! Balance the budget! Hell Yeah! 
  • Here comes the class warfare lecture....get ready!! 
  • Oh...so the "wealthy" need to do a little bit more. What they're doing is not enough. Coveting and stealing is not moral Mr. President! Neither is killing our small businesses! Hello!? 
  • Govt picking "winners" and "losers" is not the answer! 
  • Obama wants to take take take so he can spend spend spend. #WinningTheFuture
  • Sketchy? Bahahahahahahaha!! #Obama
  • Flexible work schedules - I like it! 
  • Oh please. The Planned Parenthood lie. (sigh) #IAmProLifeThankYouVeryMuch
  • The format of this debate is horrible. 
  • Romney is not George Bush. That question is a waste of time. Anyone who is paying attention to politics knows that one! Duh!?
  • Well...at least Obama is consistent about using the Bush-card. 
  • "Reducing our deficit in a sensible way" ? Did Obama just say that?? REALLY?? (sigh) 
  • Yep, the middle class is getting crushed. #TrueStory
  • Yes! We need to put a stop to illegal immigration! Thank You! 
  • Drug dealers are hurting our communities! Hello!?
  • I agree with Arizona! lol 
  • Isn't it interesting that Candy doesn't want to allow Romney to rebuke Obama's lies? I'm glad that Romney is rebuking them anyway! Go Romney! 
  • Who is it that denied enhance security and why? That was the question to Obama just now. Let's see if he'll answer the question. 
  • Oh...we are at war in Libya...who knew? Obama just said that! Doh! 
  • The buck stops at your desk Obama! Not Hillary Clinton! Although, you did appoint her to that position! 
  • Yep, terrorists attacked us on 9/11/2012. 
  • Yep, Hillary Clinton works for you buddy! You're the President! 
  • Candy Crowley...SMH. So sad. 
  • I'm a woman. Barack Obama does not speak for me. Liberalism doesn't speak for me either. #WarOnWomen 
  • If you want to change the culture of violence then you need to start calling things what they are! Bullying is not okay! Domestic Violence is not okay! It's okay to use the word "Terrorist" when it applies! 
  • Romney sounds pretty bi-partisan to me. He got people to work together in his state. That's a uniter, the opposite of the dividing that's been going on with Obama. 
  • Come on Candy! Be a strong woman! Put your foot down! 
  • I'm so sick of Govt telling us what to do and how to do it! Hello!? I hope all of you Constitutionalists are paying attention! 
  • Govt has a rope around the necks of hard-working small business owners! I hope they stop it! 
  • Class warfare. So sick of it. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. 
  • WhooHoo!! I believe in God, too!! My Cup Overflows!! 
  • And people who take personal responsibility were not offended by what Romney said! I agree with Romney! 
  • Did I blow up your news feed? He He He!! ;) 
  • Let's go back to the Rose Garden, shall we?
  • The President lied about Libya but we already knew that! 

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