October 30, 2012

Get up on your Soapbox #7

Remember “the new civility?” Me, neither. Instead of having the UN monitor our elections, maybe some of our political activists need to be monitored by babysitters. That might have prevented the beating of the Wisconsin man who tried to stop two men from stealing his Romney yard sign. Or the truck covered with Obama stickers from dumping nails into the parking lot at a Tea Party rally in Racine. Or the burning of American flags and Romney signs in the yard of a veteran in Florida. But maybe the least help to Obama’s cause came from the vandal who keyed the word “Obama” into the paint of two cars outside a house with a Romney sign in Alta Loma, California. One of the cars belonged to a couple who actually supported Obama. They were just staying with their Romney-supporting in-laws because… they’re both currently unemployed. No word on whether they still support Obama. ~Mike Huckabee

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