October 19, 2012

Get up on your Soapbox #5

OK this is something I have been very passionate about the last 4 years. When Obama was elected the first time the only thing he stood for was hope and change. Nothing about how he was going to accomplish everything. In fact I saw an interview the other day where he said if he didn't get things fixed in 4 years he did not deserve a second term. I decided to give him a chance but in my opinion his policies have failed. 

I am tired of being called names because I do not agree with people's views on Obama. I will be honest up until recently I would have voted for Mickey Mouse over Obama but I have been researching Romney and what he stands for and while I do not agree with all of his policies I do believe that he is what this country needs.

I also believe that Bush got a bad wrap and is being blamed for things that were out of his control. If you feel the need to debate this issue with me or disagree with me on my posts that is fine but if you want me to respect your opinion then you should have a reason for that opinion  Not just say Romney is a liar with no proof of his lies because I can prove to you that Obama is a liar as well and will post the facts to prove it.

I don't get all of my information from any one news source I can post things from CNN, ABC, NBC to prove that he has lied during his debates and during his presidency. He wants to continue to blame Bush for things that were actually the result of democratic policies. Feel free to debate this with me but you better be able to back up your comments with sources that have facts and figures. Because I can back up my statements which have helped me to form my opinion on who I think is the most capable to run the country for a minimum of the next 4 years.


Get up on your Soapbox and start Speaking UP!!! Do you have a point you'd like to make? Send it to me and I will post it anonymously for the "Get up on your Soapbox" feature on this blog. Come on now...Speak Up!!! Get up on your Soapbox!!!


  1. I am with you on this one. I did not and will not vote for Obama. My husbands family gives him and I major grief about this. To the point that I have been called racist. I know I will NOT vote for Obama..it is very hard for me to vote for some one who does not believe in the one true living God. You can only serve one master and if the president isnt serving God..he is serving satan. People can say all they want about Romney...but..Obama has shown what he can and can't do in his 4 years. He could not accomplish what he said that he wanted to do..all though I believe that what he said was lies to get elected...my heart tells me he accomplished what he wanted to do..and that is cripple this nation. How can someone be so evil..well..when you are serving the wrong master..it comes pretty easy.

  2. Your family accused you of racism? Really? How do you handle that? WOW! I noticed that there is a huge divide between liberal Christians and conservative Christians. Are your family members who accused you of racism Christ followers? (I'm curious)


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