October 8, 2012

Get up on your Soapbox #3

I think it is important and you need to share if you have experienced anything like what I am about to tell you.

I was living in Tyler, TX taking care of my mother-in-law when Obama won in 2008. At the time, I told friends that I wished I could have voted for the first black President, but that I had personally vetted him extensively and I just couldn't. Still, I wished him success for the sake of the country. After all, he was promising to unite us and restore hope and transparency.

Shortly after his win, I was buying groceries in the local supermarket, casually walking up an aisle, not paying much attention to other shoppers, but it is my nature to sort of drive my cart on the right side of an aisle like I drive my car. And I am usually very deferential to other shoppers, especially elderly shoppers, helping them get stuff off the top shelves, waiting for them to pass. It is my practice to be patient like that.

I remember this incident TO THIS DAY, because I saw the event as a signal of what Obama's win could possibly hold for the future of our country.

Coming from the other end of the aisle were two large black women with several children, walking side-by-side with their carts, talking loudly. I was halfway down the aisle and moved even further over to the right since they had so many kids. And I smiled.

That wasn't enough for them.

They looked me straight in the eyes and started pushing my cart backwards, neither of them relenting and giving way to my access. Their glares dared me to resist and they effectively forced me to back all the way down the aisle. To this day, I don't know if I would have said something to them if the children had not been present. I just couldn't see making a spectacle in front of those young kids and I kept smiling at those little faces, all the while feeling VERY threatened by the two women.

But that is not the worst of what happened (and I must have backed my cart up at least 20 feet).

After I moved into the general back aisle and they passed me, one of the women got right up in my face and said, "Get used to it, bitch. Obama is the boss now. He's gonna make sure we get what we want. He's gonna put people like you in your place."

I know my mouth dropped open. I was astounded. I had never seen these women in my life. And I had never felt that much hatred directed at me by perfect strangers.

There is so much hatred circulating in our country right now. And you know me, I have a mouth and 'tude! However, I suppressed my urges for the sakes of those kids. Going forward, I'm very concerned about what may happen after November 6.

Especially if Romney wins.

But Romney HAS to win.

People who deal in hatred and race-baiting and bigotry, from any direction, are banking on Obama winning again. And they won't be happy if he doesn't. If he loses, rudeness and antagonism in the supermarket will be the least of our worries.

Have you something to share? Are you prepared for a Romney win?


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  1. Thanks for reprinting my story!! It is amazing how after I shared this, others shared similar experiences. Much success to your blog and getting the word out


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