October 5, 2012

Get up on your Soapbox #2

It's been interesting watching the left react to the debate, especially Obama. Now he's not sure if he was debating the real Mitt Romney. Was he hallucinating? Our POTUS might need some professional help...ya think? Then...I saw a clip yesterday of Al Gore blaming Obama's performance on the altitude. I laughed out loud! LOL :) Now....I've been watching clips of the left say that the reason why Obama held back is because he didn't want to be accused of being "an angry black man" ... REALLY!? Are they really taking the race card up a notch??? I can't believe what I'm seeing. As if it's going to change anything for me. It changes nothing. If anything, I am more aware about the level of "intelligence" that surrounds me. (SMH) Oh and...all these people who NEVER comment on politics...now all of a sudden have an opinion BUT if I share my opinion I am "raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist" and they are tolerant. Go Figure!?


Get up on your Soapbox and start Speaking UP!!! Do you have a point you'd like to make? Send it to me and I will post it anonymously for the "Get up on your Soapbox" feature on this blog. Come on now...Speak Up!!! Get up on your Soapbox!!!

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