October 31, 2012

Examining Black Democrat Loyalty

Facts are stubborn things indeed!!!

H/T: Alfonzo Rachel


  1. I have no idea why I am commenting here since my writing have never been received well in the past, but I had to say some counter points.

    Most of this video was commentary and opinions, rather than facts. Many of the facts were half-truths, such as the fact that Truman was a KKK member. He did have membership for a time, but did not agree with it and was later rallied against by the Klan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ku_Klux_Klan_members_in_United_States_politics). Calling public schools "liberal indoctrination centers" is his opinion, rather than fact. He also said that the only people who did bad things to black people were Democrats (not even remotely true). Also, it is true that people who supported slavery in the south were called Democrats, but really that is only half the story.

    Alfonzo Rachel states that the Solid South concept was invented recently by Democrats (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid_South). This is only his opinion. Basically, from everything I have read, not just Wikipedia (I can provide more sources), Democrats and Republicans changed ideologies and then names during the late civil rights area. Southern Democrats before the 1960's were more conservative (like modern day Republicans) than Republicans of the time. So, I do not think that really any of Alfonzo Rachel's ideas have any firm grounding except that of the names of the parties.

    This is not to say that conservatives (or modern day Republicans) support slavery. They do not and neither do Democrats. However, the conservative position during the early part of this country did. This means nothing to today, and do not be offended by it. But sometimes the past just sucks. Neither side was perfect.

    Look, Alfonzo Rachel just needs to get past the names. Ignore the political party names, vote by your issues and positions. Don't vote for historical reasons. I am sure some modern Democrats (and Republicans) do so, but that is not a good idea. Vote for the party you agree with! If black Americans want to vote Republican, they should do so and without guilt!

    Maybe black Americans vote Democratic in higher percentages because they agree with their policies more? I know my black family members vote by the issues rather than historical reasons.

    In summary, this piece is opinion, not fact.


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