September 14, 2012

Is this not the dumbest thing you've ever seen? #therealwaronwomen

I'll give you an example of the war on women. How about we all dress up like a pink vagina for Halloween this year? Liberal, progressive forward-thinking types did that outside of the RNC convention this year. They called it artistic expression. don't believe me? Hang on...I'll show you.

We should all be so proud of them!

H/T: Vaginas Protest Republican Convention

Progressive forward-thinking feminists are hypocrites! You're only a "real" woman if you agree with their ideals and beliefs. It's not about "real" choices, it's about conforming to their way of life. It's artistic expression!

I say we give equal time to the penis so we can be fair. It falls in line with equal outcomes, shared prosperity, shared opportunities...etc. For every pink vagina protesting there should be a penis. Fair is fair.

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