September 13, 2012

God Rules by Love, not Fear

I was substituting at a local elementary school. I decided to stop for gas. Not that I needed it, I was half full, but just felt impressed to stop and fill up. Turned out that by the time I got out of school the gas stations were running out of gas due to the panic. I know where God was that day. He was with me telling me to be prepared. Thank you, Heavenly Father. When I got to school, there was already the buzz that something had happened. Then we found out America was under attack. One of the teachers and I prayed for the victims of the horrific act. The school went into lock down. Parents of illegal students were in panic and began pulling their children out of school. They were said to believe it was only Americans the terrorists were after. So they did what they thought was best; grab their children and run back to Mexico. They did not understand that the attack was just the start to remove ALL non-believers, not just Americans. My heart went out to the children. I was stunned watching the images I saw after school that day on the television. This was my generation's Pearl Harbor. So many innocent people died that day. How can a religion, that claims to be the one and only believers in God, do such a horrible act? God rules by love not by fear.


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