August 5, 2012

Who are these "anti-gay" groups?

Who are these "anti-gay" groups? I was told that Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) was one of the "anti-gay" groups. What makes them anti-gay?

Then someone else told me that Chick-fil-A financially supported organizations which advocate the murdering of homosexuals in Uganda. When I asked which organization that was I was told it was the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). I couldn't find anything about that organization advocating the murder of gay people.

Incidentally, there are a lot of things going on in Uganda that I don't agree with and certainly not the murdering of anyone. So...are these type of organizations being singled out because they are "Christian" organizations? I can't seem to get any straight answers about this and I'm suffering from Google-exhaustion trying to figure it out.

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