August 5, 2012

The Anti-Conscience Mandate

The anti-conscience mandate is a warning sign for us all of how one-size-fits-all health care requirements will trample on religious liberty as well as individual liberty. Centralization of health care is simply incompatible with freedom—religious freedom or any type of individual freedom. The only way to restore our liberties is to repeal Obamacare.

H/T: Morning Bell: Obamacare’s Anti-Religious Freedom Mandate Starts TODAY

Read up people. Pay attention to what's going on in this country. You think Obamacare is such a great idea - it's not. You don't understand all the fine print. Why do you think they wanted to ram it through? Read the whole article. Open your eyes. Here's another interesting article: Obamacare Robs Medicare of $716 Billion to Fund Itself

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