August 30, 2012

Democracy VS Constitutional Republic


  1. Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. Allow us to assume for a moment that were true. Take this moment to say the Pledge of Allegiance aloud. At any point does the term "Democracy" ever become part of it? Why do you think that is? It's due to the fact that our forefathers detested the thought of a "Democracy". Are you aware as to why? The simple fact that it is MOB rule.

    Lets say for instance a small town loves how beautiful a mans wife was. The MAJORITY (Democracy) are men. Within that town, they decide to put up a vote to share that mans wife. In a "Democracy", when the votes are counted, and the result is, the town agrees to share the wife. There is nothing the husband and wife can do. It is mandated, a law is passed, and now she becomes "PUBLIC" property. There is no r
    ecourse. Hey everyone voted right?

    In a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, "Individual rights" are secure. Today it has become MOB rule. This was the problem with all governments up to the point when this CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC was created. It was the reason the PEOPLE were greater than the government. They were endowed by their creator with certain UNALIENABLE rights. Monarchies and Democracy's had existed prior to this CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Our forefathers where aware of this. ..

    This is where there really is a difference in the philosophy of the political parties. Think about this for moment. There are citizens who want the people to have more power, the democracy to be stronger. We could call them, "Democratic". Then there are people who want a strong authoritarian state. They want to give as much power as possible to the republic. Let's call them, "Republican".

    Philosophy is personal belief. Like that of a town full of men who adore a beautiful mans wife. The Constitution is law. The law of the land. Where each person has the UNALIENABLE right to defend their property and personal belief. The right to pursue happiness and the right to a trial by jury. DUE PROCESS. You can't just vote that away in a Constitutional Republic. But you sure can if enough ass hats think it's a good idea in a Democracy. Dude or dude'et, do some reading on our forefathers. Because a supreme court has been selected based strictly on party politics, does not mean they understand the rule of law. The law of the land, the supreme law. The US Constitution. This should help guide our principals.

    Any law passed unconstitutional is not law. (Obama-care)

  2. Thank you for your comment Anonymous. I think this needs to be a part of our "Get up on your Soapbox" feature. I ought to make it so!!! I stand in agreement w/you.


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