July 3, 2012

When is a tax not a tax and if a tax is not a tax then what is it?

If it's a penalty then that makes it unconstitutional. BUT....The Supreme Court said it was a Tax.

I wonder how many states will walk away and say "no" to the Medicaid expansion. Federal Govt can't "penalize" any state for doing so. (No pun intended)

Any politician running for office will say it's not a tax.

1.76 trillion dollar tax/penalty to be implemented by our federal govt + the 15/16 trillions in debt (depending on whose math you choose) + all the cuts coming down the pike + the healing/recovering/improved (depending on whose analysis you choose) economy.....LMBO!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Please tell me this is just a very bad dream...right?

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