May 15, 2012

Ron Paul Dragging His Feet

Yes, that's right people. You read what I wrote correctly. Ron Paul is dragging his feet. Technically his campaigning is over but the rest is up to his followers. That's not good enough for me because most of his followers believe Ron Paul is in it to win it. I don't buy it. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

Shame on the news for not reporting what Ron Paul said on his web site. I did see that Fox News was reporting this information correctly this morning while watching Fox and Friends. Yes, I watch Fox and Friends in the morning while motivating myself to get out of bed. Don't hate!

Shame on Ron Paul. Yes, SHAME ON RON PAUL for being so vague about his plans. It would be nice of he would quit beating around the bush! Hey Ron Paul, FIX your web site! Clear concise wording on a web site is NOT rocket science. Be specific! Be bold! If I can put a blog-spot together Ron Paul can FIX his web site and BE BOLD. This is not a game.

I'm getting a little sick and tired of all the excuses and justifications in politics. Ron Paul's TEAM needs to get their heads out of their you-know-whats and QUIT messing around! Washington DC is ALL special interest. ALL of them. This is NO time for Ron Paul to be VAGUE and UNCLEAR. It ticks me off!

It doesn't take $$$ to let your base know what they can expect! I don't believe Ron Paul should be waiting around which leads me to believe he is not serious at all. I don't appreciate the votes opposing Obama getting split because he chose to be unclear with his intentions.

Ron Paul needs to POOP or get off the POT. This is NO time to be farting around. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously if you keep dragging your ass?

In a couple of hours he's supposed to have some sort of "conference" ... WHATEVER!!! Get on with it. Do what you need to do. There are 6 months left and we don't need wishy-wash.

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