May 2, 2012

Democrats Aren't Stupid


Democrat Celebrity Jon Lovitz Lashes out at Obama...Again!

Like Republicans, Democrats Aren’t Stupid.

Our Govt is always looking for an excuse to take more money with which they did not earn.

It's not the Govt's job to pick winners and losers.

Every time the Govt wants to take more money it's always for a "good" reason or for our best interest. It's always in the name of something...REALLY?

I don't think our Govt has the right to take half of what people earn. I don't care how rich they are!

John Lovitz is not the only Democrat who regrets voting for Obama. I know A LOT of people in general who voted for Obama who are kicking themselves right now.

Obama has done nothing but demonize the rich. I'm sorry but I don't think someone who works their ass off should have to pay what Obama deems as their fair share.

Govt doesn't dictate generosity either. The fact of the matter is that our nation is already taxed pretty high as it is in just about everything you can think of. It's ridiculous!

It's not the Govt's job to spend half of the money anyone makes, tax half of the money anyone makes, or steal insurmountable amounts of money they don't have!

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