April 20, 2012



•Turn the murder of a child into a "choice"
•Turn a terrorist in to a "victim"
•Turn a criminal like an illegal alien into an "undocumented worker"
•Turn returning a war hero into a "terrorist"
•Turn a scheme to provide guns to drug lords into an excuse to disarm HONEST PEOPLE
•Turn Sunday school into a "hate group"
•Turn an illegal Muslim Marxist into POTUS
•Turn spanking your child into "abuse"
•Turn our Constitution into "a living breathing document"
•Turn our military into THE YMCA (remember The Village People)
•Turn asking for ID to vote into "discrimination"
•Turn our school system into SOCIALIST INDOCTRINATION CAMPS
•Turn the American dream into "The evils of capitalism"
•Turn free speech into a "HATE CRIME"



  1. Clearly you are angry with liberals. I also take it from your links that you should read again Matthew 5:21-22. What a Christian you are, or claim to be.

    Why with all the lies and vast generalizations? The vast, vast, vast majority of liberals do not believe or put into action any of these statements. I am a liberal, and I believe or enact NONE of these claims?

    Are there problems with some liberal positions? Yep, especially if you look at it from a conservative viewpoint. However, I had nothing to do with the Fast and Furious debacle. The justice department made the mistake, and I look upon it with scorn as well.

    What is wrong with you? We are all one country, and just differ on a few things even if they are major ones. Why all of the insults and lies and overstatements? It gets us nowhere!

    Apparently equality before the law means nothing to you; funnily enough it happens to be the Nebraska state motto. Apparently the 14th Amendment means nothing to you. Studies done by the military showing that allowing gay servicemembers will not impede or harm unit cohesion are wrong according to you. I guess it's okay in your eyes to insult our gay servicemembers who sacrifice their time and lives for our country. What is wrong with you? What do you have against gay people who serve? Seriously?

    Also, apparently you are a birther, despite all of the evidence put forth to the contrary. Most people in this country believe that Obama is a Christian American-born citizen who believes in capitalism. Only people (mainly conservatives) refuse to pull their heads from the sand.

    So many things wrong...

    I post on this blog to call out the vast generalizations and sometimes outside lies concerning your posts. People need to read others' opinions. You do not learn if you only read, watch, or listen to your side of the story. This applies to both liberals and conservatives. It is only through compromise and agreement can our nation work.

    Stop the hatred.

  2. What is wrong with me? What is wrong with you? You don't address any of the points made in my post. We do differ on a few things and yes they happen to be major but you don't feel comfortable saying what they are. On top of that you are putting words in my mouth. Amazingly, you think throwing the bible in my face is going to prove something. This coming from someone who probably screams separation of church and state yet you want to go ahead and toss the bible in for good measure as a tool to try and reprimand me. I have learned a lot about tolerance from liberals who are only tolerant if you agree with them. I have learned a lot about tolerance from the intolerant ones such as yourself.

  3. Liberals fail to comprehend that Christians are called to be loving. They think this means we have to be nice. Sometimes an act of love requires us to spank you for being bad. They hate the word no; even when it is said out of love.,

  4. I clearly mentioned Barack Obama and your "YMCA" military in my first post. With Obama, you are clearly in the minority calling him "an illegal Muslim Marxist" despite the fact he was born in Hawaii and is a Christian. Also, most of the country disagrees with the Marxist label. I feel that you may have meant to say "Socialist."

    As for the "Turn our military into THE YMCA" statement, that is just wrong. You either think you know more than the military regarding its own affairs or are just a bigot against gay Americans. You say you are tolerant, but not granting them the same right as heterosexual Americans to FIGHT FOR THEIR COUNTRY, maybe even DIE for it, is the definition of intolerance.

    I am intolerant at times. Among those times is intolerance is against people who think that murdering millions of people is a way to solve our problems. Taken right from this site: http://www.domesticdivapalooza.com/2012/02/what-are-your-thoughts-on-iran.html

    I don't think anyone looking at that post would think that your opinion on that is in any way just or right. I discuss it at length in the comments.

    And yes, I do want a separation of church and state. So did our founding fathers, come to think of it. Take the Treaty of Tripoli, ratified by the Senate and put into law in 1797: "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,..." There is also the establishment clause, so we cannot push Christianity on others. People are allowed to believe any religion they want to as long as it does not interfere with others.

    I could go through and discuss each of those points, but I don't want to write a book on this post. Most liberals do not agree with any of them. Only the extreme ones, representing a small number, would believe a few of them.

    Also, while I do think our nation is the greatest in the world, regarding: "Turn THE GREATEST COUNTRY THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN into A VILLAIN!" Guess what, our nation has been the villain at times! It has done countless acts of violence internally and externally, often without provocation and with malice. I can't change that and neither can anyone else. All I can do is reflect upon those acts and hope that we can do better in the future. We can honor the memories of those wronged.

    I will continue to say it: stop the rhetoric and generalizations.

  5. Patrick,

    Do you know what a forward is? Your responses to this post show me you have absolutely NO clue what a forward is. It is also quite interesting to me that you tend to cling to the forwards that are circulating and avoiding all the posts that have made valid undeniable points.

    Furthermore, I am NOT a bigot against anyone. Also, I am not racist. It doesn't surprise me that you would elude to such phraseology.

    I think it is sad that I have to point out what is real and what is posted in jest. I do find it fascinating that you gravitate to the fun forward type posts or the posts that are meant to be humorous. I think it's probably safe to say that you don't appreciate the format of my blog. That's not my problem. You have choices to make as do I. You don't like my blog then don't read it.

    It's pretty sad to me that liberals do not know why they call themselves liberal. Those that are proud of their liberalism tend to accept all of the notions that define it. How can you be for yourself and then against yourself all in the same breath? At the very least I would have expected you to call yourself something other than liberal.

  6. Forgive me if I don't see the "fun" or humor in obliterating an entire region of the world.

    Anyway, maybe I do not know the format of this blog. Can't you control what is on it? Are posts such as these automatically put on it? I have never authored a blog, so I am ignorant of some things such as a forward. I tried to google the definition of it, but I came up empty-handed. I may be wrong, but in my mind a forward is that the blog owner mirrors a post taken from another site. Is that correct? If that definition is correct, then wouldn't you still have control over the content? So wouldn't the content of this blog accurately reflect your ideas?

    Do you claim that the postings or forwards do not accurately represent you or your ideas? If not, then why forward them?

    Saying "Turn our military into THE YMCA" in the opinion of many is bigoted. I never mentioned racist in THESE comments, though with postings I made several YEARS ago I may have made that claim. I am sorry if you do not see it that way regarding the YMCA comment. We may differ on that.


    In another posting you made, you asked me what it means to be a liberal. I put my definition there, and I do not want to write it again. I did say that I am proud to be liberal. Also, what notions do liberals tend to define liberalism, according to you? Certainly the definitions at the top of this post are not notions liberals would choose to define themselves.

    I do not see how I am against myself. What things have I said are against my interests? What should I call myself? What would you call me?

    I comment on this blog because I want to put a different opinion on these postings. If people only read or listen to things that agree with them, they get stuck in only one viewpoint or with one side of the story. I read multiple sources online, both liberal and conservative. If you don't like to hear my opinion, just say so.

    I only write comments on posts I find particularly "out there." Sometimes things you post have grains of truth or valid stances. I do not claim that Democrats or liberals are always right. Also, if I commented on everything I would spend all of my time here, and I am a busy person. I could comment on just about every post, but I would be saying the same thing a lot, similar to this posting. I have repeated myself often.

    I ask again, what do you think I should call myself? Also, I am curious to ask, what do you call yourself?

  7. I am conservative. I will be voting for Mitt Romney. You can do whatever you want.


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