April 20, 2012

Harry Reid SUCKS

Harry Reid is an idiot! Seniors love junk mail? How does this guy get to keep his job? Can you even believe in a million years that he says the Postal Service should be saved because seniors depend on junk mail?

What does this dude eat for breakfast? He's worried about 30 thousand postal offices closing if legislation fails. Can you imagine what will happen to this country if we allow these morons to keep their jobs?

Reid says "we" should act quickly. Who is "we" and why in the hell is everyone putting all their eggs into our corrupt govt?

This dependency on our govt to solve all of our problems is cockamamie horse poop.

One Word: BUDGET

Does he know the definition of that word?

Hat Tip: Reid: Save the Postal Service, seniors depend on junk mail

Hat Tip: Waznmentobe

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