March 10, 2012

Why does Derrick Bell matter?

Why does Derrick Bell matter?
quoting from the article:

  • (Obama) went on to indoctrinate his own law students in Bell's hate when he was a University of Chicago professor.
  • Obama required them to read Bell's "Race, Racism and American Law," which argues American law is illegitimate because it's derived from "white power structure."
  • Bell's ideas show up in Justice Department policy, where black-on-white hate crimes and black intimidation of white voters are not prosecuted.* What Obama did in his past affects our economic future. His policies are based on the radical ideology he developed in Bell's classroom and in Saul Alinsky's war room.

Why does this story matter?

  • The media knew all of this in 2008, deliberately hid it from us so that we would not be able to decide for ourselves if Obama's past radicalism was relevant.
  • The media spent DAYS telling us that a painted rock on property that Rick Perry didn't own tells us something about Perry, but Obama's relationship with this racialist is supposed to be irrelevant.
  • There ARE people who still believe the media is trustworthy and unbiased. You must disabuse them of that belief.

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