March 21, 2012 that how it works??


  1. Wrong! I for one didn't blame the presidency back in 2008 and I don't blame it now. The executive branch has little to do with gas prices. If you look, oil production is at a 12 year high currently!

    Speculation is a major factor in oil prices. Also, India and China are taking larger shares of the market. Bush could only do so much, same with Obama. This is neither of their faults. More drilling wouldn't impact the oil market for years, and the Keystone Pipeline won't aid prices either.

    If you want I can link a Fox News video from 2008 saying the same thing. The president cannot aid gas prices, at least not much. The message in 2008 is the same as today.

  2. BHO sure did have fun blaming do most GWB haters. Overall I think the USA would be better off utilizing the resources fully available on our own soil. I’m getting pretty tired of BHO sinking lots of cash into resources that have proven nothing but FAILURE...kinda like his presidency.


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