March 15, 2012

Duh! I need to see your ID please!


  1. The main problem with this comic is that banks, movie rental locations, bars, and airlines are not government organizations. In that alone this comic is deficient.

    I am not really against having photo identification, but I really no not see the need for it. Voter fraud is not a significant problem, though election fraud is. For example, the Brennan Center for Justice calculated that voter ID fraud accounts for 4 votes out of over 9 million in Ohio for 2002 and 2004. How is this a major problem? If people misrepresenting themselves is a major problem, please show me the fact behind massive voter ID fraud? Everything I have read (non-partisan) says that voter identification is not a major problem.

    The main problem is if the government charges for a photo ID, or makes the situation to achieve a free identification difficult. That amounts to a poll tax. It has been documented that many identification giving locations (DMVs, etc.) have been closed down nationwide due to budget cuts. If you cannot easily get to a location to achieve an ID, that is a hardship. A policy such as this aids the disenfranchisement of the elderly and poor people. There should be no impediments to vote.

    I am not entirely against having a photo ID, but there are much larger problems in the electoral process that need fixing first.

  2. At the very least you should be required to prove that you’re an American Citizen. Otherwise, I can tell you I am Cleopatra and you are required to believe me.


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