February 20, 2012

Obama's Racism: Completely Out of the Closet

Obama's Racism: Completely Out of the Closet

Wow! President Obama no longer bothers to disguise his divisive racism. Talk about in-your-face racism, Obama announced his 2012 launch of African-Americans for Obama. Considering that the Obama administration has admitted they do not care about the working class white vote, this outrageous video confirms Obama's “race card” and “class envy card” reelection campaign. The message in Obama's video is vote for me because I am black and I'm going to punish the rich.

Democrats are ALWAYS screaming about “separation of church and state”. And yet, in his video, Obama solicits people to become “Congregation Captains” for his reelection campaign. C'mon black America, rally around me because I'm your homie prez! Despicable! http://bit.ly/z6os2U

~Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


  1. Actually, it's only illegal if the church leader uses the pulpit to push political stances on the members of the church. If a member (congregation captain) wanted to talk to their congregation about joining the campaign, it would be fine. They probably would just not be able to do some from a position of authority and maybe not during a service, or they would risk losing their task exempt status.

    This message was from Obama's page. It also seems like they have changed the message or wording as the Congregation Captains now reads:
    "Congregation captains will take the lead on educating others about the importance of participating in this campaign and how to get involved. Working in your individual capacity, you’ll reach out to key community members and mobilize your personal networks with house parties and other outreach activities, as well as provide assistance in conducting voter registration drives."

    Also, technically this material is from Obama's re-election website, which is not a government entity. It's part of a political party. All of the other people vying for the presidency are doing the same thing as this "congregation captain" thing. Now if the Obama wanted to make orders as president, that would be illegal. But from this perspective and organization, it's not.

    Also, who cares if Obama is trying to mobilize the vote of black Americans. I don't see the difference between him and any other candidate, whether Democrat or Republican. All politicians try to cater to different groups.

    The video listed also doesn't mention "punishing the rich" or "class envy." I fail to see where that has happened. All it mentioned was fairness and that some people are getting more while others less. Yeah? It said everyone plays by the same rules (or should). I don't know why that is so decisive. It's not like it called for direct communism, socialism, or jailing of the rich.

    Anyway, not along entirely the same topic, but since Lloyd Marcus mentioned the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment, maybe someone should suggest that to Rick Santorum.

  2. I can't wait to wake up and Barack Obama is not my President.


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